Japanese cherry blossoms

Japanese cherry blossom

Cherry blossom cultivation is widespread in Japan. There are over 200 varieties of this plant. The most common is Somei Yoshino. Japanese cherry blossoms have five petals of a pure white color that fade to pink towards the stem. Flowering occurs in a week in spring. There is also a variety of Japanese cherry blossoms that begin blooming in the fall and sporadically throughout the year. The trees are very impressive. They appear white along the entire length. The shidarezakura variety causes an extraordinary optical effect during flowering. The weeping tree shape brings the pink flowers down to the ground. Parks and gardens are adorned with cherry blossoms. In particular, the temples are surrounded by this floral mantle to pay homage.

The observation of Japanese cherry blossoms

Japanese cherry blossoms bloom in spring. In Japan it is considered a real event. The beginning of the school and fiscal year occurs in this period. The blooming of these flowers is considered a good omen for starting new activities. In some regions of Japan, school starts on the first day of flowering. The observation of Japanese cherry blossoms began in the 1700s and has been a typical Japanese custom ever since. The broadcasters inform the population about the meteorological trend in order to accurately establish the flowering. Families use to gather in parks and gardens to observe the beauty of this flower. Moments of celebration and relaxation characterize the event.

Symbolism related to cherry blossoms

The Japanese cherry blossomrepresents the beauty of life. However beautiful it may be, it is ephemeral and ends with death. The blossoming of cherry blossoms, in fact, is associated with birth. For this reason we organize events, demonstrations and shows to celebrate. However, its duration is short. When the flower falls and the petals are blown away by the wind it is a sad moment that suggests death. During the wars the cherry blossom was used to inspire the love of country in soldiers. Kamikaze or suicide pilots carried a cherry blossom drawn on the side of the plane. The Japanese government convinced the people that the souls of the warriors who died for their homeland were reincarnated in cherry blossoms. In addition, the

Japanese cherry blossoms: The favorite flower subject

The strong sentiment towards Japanese cherry blossoms leads him to be the chosen subject for art, music, poetry. Over the centuries, authors of texts and poems have often dedicated their works to Japanese cherry blossoms. The theme is always linked to its symbolism, especially with reference to the warriors who lost their lives in battles. Art was likewise influenced by flowers. Many paintings and paintings, both recent and from past eras, have these wonderful trees in the background. Those who observe the works immediately link the painting to Japan. Japanese cherry blossoms have managed to become a symbol of a nation. The objects of common use very often have flowers as the subject. Going to Japan you notice how glasses, dishes,

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