Japanese lanterns

Live your own garden

Owning a garden near your home is such a great fortune that it would be a real crime not to exploit it; many people, and more and more in the world, want their home to have no special options other than a garden. Nowadays it is seen as the only plus of a house to live in that can really raise the quality of life; this is due to the fact, proven by the experiences of those who live in this situation, that the garden is able to give those who live it in a fair and simple way unique emotions, combined with that relaxation that is even incredible to find without leaving home. There are those who, upon returning from a stressful day of work or commitments, go to the gym, to a spa, to a public garden to which they are linked to relax, and perhaps in these places he will be able to relax… provided that the traffic, the unobtainable parking space, the monthly fee do not ruin even the good moments found! The garden, on the other hand, is always there at home, simple and silent, ready to welcome us with simple and natural scents, colors and sounds, without traffic problems, straight lines or closing times, giving us relaxation and tranquility. Obviously, this is not the only thing that is done with the garden, but this is perhaps the main reason that pushes more and more people to acquire it.

The right atmosphere

What we have just defined is what the garden is able to give to those who live it; it is above all about giving the possibility to have a place all to oneself, reachable without moving from home, in which to relax and really unplug all those negative thoughts that the hectic daily life causes us, to fall into total relaxation and start over to live, even after work. All this is possible thanks to the atmosphere of the garden, a “right” atmosphere (as the title suggests), that is, perfect for the purpose described; after all, we often create it, because an atmosphere is perfect only when it actually coincides with our desires, or when the garden in which we live is identical to the one we have always imagined in our dreams. To achieve this result, a set of elements is needed, ranging from furniture to the supply of plants and flowers, as well as lighting and personal details. As far as furniture is concerned, the speech is quite long, because under this word there is a world made up of both real furnishings (which for the garden can be pergolas, canopies, but also chairs and tables) and functional objects, such as tools for work, which can then also be exhibited.


Among the fundamental components that contribute to creating the right atmosphere in a garden (but also in any other place, the discourse can easily extend) we have mentioned lighting; Thinking back to the classic movie scenes in which the protagonists set up a romantic dinner, who doesn’t come up with candles? This means that even in those cases, lighting plays a fundamental role: regardless of the furnishings, plants and everything else, when darkness falls and we want to focus attention on us, small light is enough but delicate of a candle to make us feel good, also because our mind is very subject to light conditioning (just think of how many of us feel more active and lively on a beautiful sunny spring day and at the same time how dull and listless we feel if the sky is overcast and dark) is for the Most of us candles manage to be a relaxing component. But how can all this be transferred to a garden? The lighting discourse is also long, because the solutions of light, light points, lighting effects and so on are increasing, but let’s see an interesting particular case.

Japanese lanterns

We have already said how the simple, delicate and apparently unstable light, slightly softened by candles can have a positive effect on the relaxation of our mind. It is precisely on this principle that the millenary Japanese culture introduced its famous lanterns centuries and centuries ago, today known all over the world (thanks to some films, oriental and otherwise, which indirectly advertised them) just like Japanese lanterns. They consist, at least in the original shape, of a candle placed inside a prism made of colored paper and held in shape by small sticks. The semi-transparency of the paper, its veins (when it was produced by hand) and the movements dictated by the wind, combined with the faintness of the candle and its flame, created and create extraordinary effects, very useful to create an enchanting atmosphere in any place, outside or inside. Today, Japanese lanterns are widespread all over the world for this very reason: they are placed in large numbers in gardens where a quiet party is held with friends, contributing to the atmosphere and attracting the curiosity of many (even if the candle is often replaced by a light bulb, for safety reasons).

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