Jonsered chainsaw

The Jonsered chainsaw

Jonsered has introduced the Clean Power technology that equips all its products. The optimization of the engines allows Jensered chainsaws to save up to 20% of fuel and the excellent combustion of the mixture allows to reduce harmful emissions by 75%. The Peak Pulse technology allows for sudden rotations and accelerations suitable for intensive work. Carb Control is the technology associated with the regulation of the carburetion that occurs automatically without having to act on manual adjustments. Jonsered chainsaws are ideal for those who want a reliable, comfortable and powerful product, for professional or part-time use starting from the most powerful and performing ones suitable for

Construction details

The chainsaw is a work tool called to always operate in adverse conditions due to the presence of dust, sawdust and foreign bodies that could be introduced into the combustion chamber. For this purpose, Jonsered has developed the Turbo purification system which allows to increase the efficiency of the filters by exploiting the centrifugal force to suck up to 97% cleaner combustion air. All Jonsered chainsaw handles are equipped with a spring-loaded suspension handle and on some models it is possible to have handle heating. The Spin Start system reduces the resistance of the starter rope, making it easier for even the less experienced to start. The integrated chain tensioner has a tension system that allows adjustment even without the use of tools, quickly and efficiently. The primer is also placed in a position that is easy to reach, facilitating the operator.

Chainsaw models.

Jonsered has developed three chainsaw lines, from professional to those suitable for hobbyists.The most powerful range suitable for everyday work includes engines from 25cc to 87cc and power between 1.0 and 4.8 kW and the possibility to choose between 6 models. Options such as heated grips are available, and the oil pump is variable displacement on almost all models. They are all equipped with inertial chain brake.The range of chainsaws for part-time use is offered in displacements from 50cc to 70cc and power ranging from 2.5 to 3.6 kW, the main differences compared to those for intensive use concern the simplicity of use and materials, less refined but still resistant.The ideal chainsaw for small jobs in your free time, on the other hand, has variable displacements from 38cc to 44cc and reduced power to 1.4 / 1.8 kW.

Jonsered chainsaw: Jonsered accessories line

The accessories offered by Jonsered range from clothing to sharpening kits. The jackets and pants are designed with anti-cut fabrics and inserts, bright colors with high visibility, comfortable to wear. The sharpening kits include round files of different sizes, template supports to respect the angle of the cutting edges which can be easily applied to all types of bar. The helmet also includes a model with integrated transceiver to allow communication between operators even at a distance . The boots are non-slip, waterproof and with a reinforced toecap. gloves made with tear-resistant materials always ensure excellent grip. It is good to remember that for the safety of all operators it is advisable to wear compliant clothing to avoid injuries.

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