July flowers

July flowers – sunflowers

Sunflowers are the July flowers par excellence. As the name itself says, the sunflower is a flower whose corolla follows the sunlight through a mechanism called heliotropism; its dazzling and lively colors are totally suitable for the summer season. The sunflower is a joyful-looking flower, it almost seems to smile at the beholder. It is often used as a decoration in large ceremonies, such as weddings, in which it gives a particular rustic and warm touch. The yellow of its petals is so intense that it gives off warmth and comfort. Due to its morphology it is associated with feelings of joy and love. Lately the sunflower is used in associations to promote love and respect for the environment and nature. Protagonist of many of the works of the great Van Gogh, this flower, for its splendor, is the symbol of

July flowers – jasmine

Choosing from its wide range of colors is really difficult when it comes to a flower with great versatility like jasmine. This elegant and simple-looking flower can be used in any type of ceremony, playing a fundamental role especially in weddings. Its colors take on different meanings and are suitable for any type of occasion: the whiteness of white jasmine means amiability, while yellow means happiness; if it’s love you want to bring out, red jasmine is undoubtedly the perfect choice. A peculiarity of jasmine is that it is particularly fragrant: studies have revealed that the smell it emanates is not only pleasant, but is able to act on our mood, causing well-being and serenity. If beauty,

July flowers – iris

If romance and refinement are the requirements you are looking for for your important occasions, the best way to achieve them is to embellish the chosen location with iris, a typical summer flower with a simple but elegant appearance. Especially suitable for weddings, iris is a natural beauty aimed especially at brides with a dreamy and loving character. With immense beneficial properties, this flower not only has an ornamental purpose, but also plays an important role in cosmetics and herbal medicine. For the myriad of species it includes, you are spoiled for choice, but whatever it is, it will never be unsatisfactory. Symbol of good wishes and fidelity, and equipped with an immense range of colors, the iris will satisfy all your requests and needs, making every type of event unique and magical.

July flowers – the lily

With an oriental character, the lilium is a flower of overwhelming beauty, able to decorate a space, whatever it is, in an excellent way. Suitable for any event, this natural essence offers a remarkable range of colors, able to satisfy any taste or preference. Symbol of virginity, candor and innocence, it is suitable for brides bouquets with a sensitive and calm soul; gaudy and shining, it has the ability to illuminate any decorating environment, not only from a chromatic point of view, but also from an olfactory point of view, having a rich and intense scent, capable of creating a relaxing and magical atmosphere. Not only during weddings, but also for communions and baptisms, the lilium is the flower that cannot be missing: a symbol of purity and chastity, it is particularly suitable for ceremonies with a strong religious value.

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