July wedding flowers

Flowers for all tastes

July is one of the months in which the choice can range from a considerable assortment of floral varieties. July wedding flowers will be able to meet the taste and style of any type of ceremony. The flowers of this period reflect bright and sunny settings. Particularly long days end with spectacular sunsets. The red of the sun that merges with the blue of the sea is often the scenario-symbol of weddings celebrated by the sea. The pleasant breeze gently caresses the flowers and makes them almost shine with their own light. The campaign also offers suggestive locations to frame the most beautiful day. Flowering meadows, vineyards, wheat or sunflower fields are among the typical backgrounds of a country wedding. The day must be a reflection of the personality of the couple.

July wedding by the sea

In line with new wedding trends, many couples choose alternative locations to swear eternal love. Each choice is made based on personal taste and in order to create amazement among the guests. Creating settings by the sea at sunset is one of the latest trends. Gazebos with the sea and the sun as a backdrop are adorned with exotic flowers that recall distant countries. In this case, among the July wedding flowers are indicated orchids, jasmine, calla lilies, lisianthus, broom. Combined flower garlands will frame the gazebo. Floral compositions will brighten the journey made by the bride. Rose petals scattered on the ground make it more romantic. The July wedding flowers they may be interspersed with candles, starfish, shells.

Country wedding in July

The countryside in summer is dressed in wonderful colors. Nature expresses the best of itself. The wedding celebrated in the countryside has the charm of ancient ceremonies. That retro feature with a reference to simple and genuine things. Ancient villas, farmhouses and renovated estates have been used as locations for ceremonies. In recent years, the vineyards have been the backdrop to the ceremonies. The white color of the bride’s dress stands out among the green of the vine leaves. Sunflower or wheat fields reflect the warm, golden light of the month of July. The advice for choosing July wedding flowers is to follow nature. Respecting the environment, you can use daisies, gerberas, sunflowers, broom in their characteristic yellow color. To complete the decorations you can add ears,

July wedding flowers: accessories that make the difference

July wedding flowers, regardless of the chosen location, must be composed with particular care. They must follow a project agreed between the bride and groom and the florist. The materials used can range indefinitely. For weddings by the sea, flowers in white, yellow or blue should be chosen. For the more unconventional, red represents a valid alternative. Palms, shells, starfish and maritime decorations would enhance the color of the flowers. In the countryside, on the other hand, straw bales covered with fabric could be used to seat the guests. The ears integrated with the flowers give a beautiful golden color to the composition. Furthermore, they are a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Decorations with vine leaves and grapes are also symbols of abundance and good luck.

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