June flowers

The flowers of June

The month of June is usually chosen to get married so it would be important to be able to prepare adequately by choosing the flowers for the realization of the floral decorations and the bouquet. To do this, you need to know the types of flowers that can be found for the best possible composition. In June, in addition to particular ornamental flowers, you could definitely opt for wild flowers such as sunflowers, delphiniums or hypericum. Simple flowers, but with a scenic effect and easy to find, to be inserted in bunches and bouquets to give a touch of bright and bright color. When choosing the flowers to use, especially for the bouquet, it would be advisable to focus on those colors that, combined with the dress, certainly make the best visual effect.

June flowers for lilac bouquets

In June it is possible to choose many colors for decorations and bouquets, according to personal tastes or scenic preferences. In case you want to choose to create a bouquet with soft shades that tend to lilac or purple, a wide choice of flowers will be possible. Flowers suitable for this purpose can be lilac or wisteria, with their delicate tones. By choosing instead the hydrangea it will be possible to create a composition tending to blue. For a better combination and to be able to soften the shades of the bouquet, you could introduce a little white by inserting daisies, gerberas, or opt for delicate white roses such as the Avalanche. To mix the shades of white and purple it is possible to prepare bouquets with mixed lisianthus.

June flowers for white bouquets

If, on the other hand, you want to create decorations and bouquets in a completely white shade and therefore remain more traditional, the choice could fall on a flower that has been gaining momentum in recent years, especially for the creation of floral arrangements for weddings. The purity, the whiteness, the elegance and the scent emanating from the peony make it the suitable flower to decorate the places of the ceremony, to decorate the tables and for the creation of the bouquet. Peony exists in various colors, but certainly the white one is naturally ideal for weddings, especially if combined with lisianthus, also white in color. Another very popular choice, always in shades of white, could fall on the calla, with which to compose a bouquet enriching it with some green leaves.

June flowers for exotic bouquets

By spending larger sums and creating particular compositions, you could select exotic and tropical flowers, colorful and with intense aromas. The orchid has unique shapes and colors that vary between white, pink, red, yellow, green and purple. Anthurium is a very special flower, native to the tropical areas of South America, which can be used for interesting compositions. The flower has a heart shape, very suitable for a bouquet for ceremonies, with colors that vary between pink, white, green and red. An excellent composition could be achieved by combining anthurium with orchids creating a very colorful bouquet. Another flower to combine with the previous ones could be the orange, yellow or blue strelitzia.

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