Kawasaki brushcutters

The Kawasaki brush cutter

The design features of the Kavasaki brushcutter are at the highest standards on the market. The attention of professional users is placed above all on the characteristics of duration, economy and operator comfort and Kawasaki has developed a range of products with these characteristics. At the heart of the design is the 2-stroke engine assembled according to the highest power standards. All Kawasaki products are marketed through an extensive sales and service network throughout Italy in order to guarantee the availability of spare parts and accessories. Kawasaki guarantees its products 3 years for private users and 5 years for professionals. Kawasaki’s experience also extends to the production of multipurpose units with a single engine and the possibility of coupling different implements.

Kawasaki Multi Tool brushcutters

The versatility of the Kawasaki Multi Tool brushcutter allows the execution of numerous jobs with a complete range of tools. The multiple attachment system allows you to mount a cutting head for flush grass, equipped with an automatic Push & Go system to lengthen the line; a hedge cutting bar, which can be adjusted to allow cutting at a considerable height according to different angles; a pruner to perform tree pruning. The drive shaft of the motion can be extended to allow reaching great heights without resorting to a ladder, the design has favored the containment of weight, without sacrificing strength, the tool coupling system is built in durable materials and the replacement of the various tools is quick and requires no tools.

Product ergonomics

You can always count on the quality of Kawasaki brushcutters. The requests of professional users have led to the development of products that combine their qualities of robustness with those of comfort, to meet the needs of increasingly prolonged working times. For these particular needs Kawasaki has developed products with high power, coupled with high standards of handling. Particular attention was paid to a system that would allow you to easily switch between operating and transport modes. The key points in the design of ergonomics are concentrated in the throttle control which contains all the ignition, shutdown and acceleration controls in a single device so as to never have to distract attention from the working position.

Kawasaki brushcutters: Kawasaki brushcutters versions

The patents of Kawasaki brushcutters concern the KAR (Kawasaki Advanced Recoil) which allows an easy start by means of an ignition cable winding coil that avoids tearing and jams. The response to sudden accelerations is always fast guaranteed by the state-of-the-art engine design. The low weight allows you to use two different types of shoulder straps. Kawasaki brushcutters are produced in two versions which are distinguished by the working position. On the handle versions (provided with a soft coating to ensure an excellent grip) the shoulder strap is single. In the versions with handlebar grip (adjustable to adapt to all needs) it is advisable to use the double shoulder strap to better distribute the load of a heavier unit.

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