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How much and how to water the plants of Maidenhair fern

When growing Maidenhair plants, one of the most important factors to consider is the surrounding humidity. These plants are usually grown in pots and kept in environments sheltered from the cold and light. Irrigation must be frequent throughout the year and it is necessary to administer contained doses of water, in such a way as to never leave the soil soaked. An ideal solution is to place gravel or clay in the saucer, thus helping to maintain the correct level of humidity, which is essential for optimal growth. Furthermore, especially in the hot summer months, it is advisable to spray or vaporize the foliage of the plants regularly, ensuring a climate and habitat suitable for the development of this delicate plant species.

How to take care of the Maidenhair plants

Maidenhair plants require different care and attention, to be able to develop and grow at their best. They prefer very fresh, permeable and porous soils, composed of sphagnum, peat and leaf earth. The pots must be wide and not too deep, in this way you avoid the creation of possible water stagnations which would be harmful to the delicate rhizome. If the plants are grown in greenhouses it is advisable to always keep them indoors, as the external temperature changes would quickly lead to the deterioration of the plant. In addition, they cannot withstand temperatures below 10 degrees and do not survive in hot, dry environments. It is advisable never to place the Capelvenere near heat sources or in places exposed to strong air currents.

When and how much to fertilize the plants of Maidenhair fern

To ensure continuous and rapid development of the Maidenhair plants, it is recommended to support these plants with all the necessary nutrients they need. The ideal is to use a special liquid fertilizer to be diluted in irrigation water. Fertilization begins with the arrival of spring, starting from the month of March. In addition, the whole procedure must be repeated cyclically, approximately every two weeks. In the autumn season it is possible to gradually reduce the doses up to total suspension, during the winter months. It is important to choose a specific product with the right amounts of potassium, phosphorus and also a good percentage of nitrogen. To choose the most suitable one it is advisable to contact specialized technical personnel.

The maidenhair: Exposure, diseases and possible remedies

Maidenhair fern specimens do not like direct light at all, which tends to ruin the elegant and delicate foliage. The ideal exposure is in an area with partial shade, which guarantees a certain number of hours of rigorously diffused light. Among the enemies of these plants are the cochineals of the roots and the so-called Saint Anthony pigs. Generally, they can be eliminated with the use of special anticoccicides and insecticides. One of the most frequent causes of decay of the Maidenhair ferns is the cold, which tends to cause the rhizome to rot while if the foliage loses color, it is likely that the plants are positioned in excessively bright places. In addition, if the edges of the leaves turn dark it is likely that a fungal disease is present. In these cases the use of fungicides is recommended.

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