La Schefflera

The irrigation of the schefflera

The schefflera is a plant from the Asian and oceanic continents and is part of the dense and varied taxonomic grouping of the Araliaceae. This evergreen perennial, often placed in embellishment inside the houses, has considerable needs to be wet, based on its position and above all on the current climatic season. It will be generously and constantly irrigated during the spring and summer season, almost daily, but be careful not to cause water stagnation, which is dangerous for the health of the root system. In the cold season, watering must be adequately moderate and have an average biweekly frequency. In practice, it will only be necessary to limit oneself to preventing the soil from remaining too dry or even drying out completely.

Plant care and cultivation

As previously mentioned, this ornamental plant is typically placed inside the apartment and must have a soil with elements of a sandy nature and full of organic substances such as peat, useful for the development of the evergreen and for the correct drainage of the earth. . If a satisfactory growth of the schefflera is to be obtained, it is advisable to repot it every 2 or 3 years, using increasingly larger containers. In this work, to be carried out in the first days of spring, care must be taken not to eliminate all the earth from the root system and to remove the dried or damaged roots. On the other hand, pruning operations of the plant are not essential, as the periodic elimination of old and yellowed leaves is sufficient.

Fetilization and fertilization of the plant

As far as fertilization is concerned, a few simple rules must be followed. Normally, the plant is placed in a medium-sized container and must therefore be fertilized with assiduity and regularity, in order to receive the right nutrients needed. Fertilization will be carried out approximately every 20 days in the vegetative period and suitably limited or even suspended in the autumn and winter seasons. For this purpose, fertilizers of a solid nature, so-called slow-release, or preferably of a liquid nature, diluted in watering water, in both cases specific for evergreen indoor plants. The organic type fertilizers are discreetly in use, appreciated for their excellent ability to keep the substrate vital.

La Schefflera: Exposure to light and possible plant diseases

The schefflera should be easily positioned inside the house for the entire duration of the year. Its placement must take place in a fairly lit environment and care must be taken not to expose it to direct sunlight, which is potentially harmful. Being a very resistant and adaptable plant, it is able to tolerate accommodation in shady or poorly lit areas, but in this case it will be necessary to place it sheltered from low temperatures and air flows. Finally, the perennial plant can be subjected to attacks by some insects and parasites, such as the red spider and the fearsome cochineal. It will then be necessary to remove them, carefully cleaning the evergreen with soaps or other non-invasive products and, in the most serious cases, also using specific insecticides.

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