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Lagerstroemia is a plant belonging to the Lythraceae family and, depending on the species or method of cultivation, can grow as a small sapling or shrub. The dimensions of these plants range from a minimum of 3 meters in height to a maximum of 10 meters (in some cases) and from a minimum of 3 meters to a maximum of 6 meters in terms of width. They are plants made up of several stems and ascending branches and therefore, the crown is quite large and has the shape of a vase. The branches are green to gray in color and are very thin. The stems, within about three years, lose their weak and thin yellowish bark and become smooth and lighter. The oval and deciduous leaves are 3 to 7 centimeters long, they are simple and full-margin,


Lagerstroemia is one of the most beautiful and popular flowering plants used for ornamental purposes. Originally from China, in ancient times, it was used to embellish and decorate Chinese temples. Nowadays, often and willingly, we find it in home gardens or public parks. The feature that makes this plant of particular beauty are the blooms that we get during the summer. To keep this plant always beautiful and in “excellent shape” it is necessary to resort to pruning. Pruning is an agricultural technique used for both aesthetic and productive purposes. For Lagerstroemia, pruning is important because it needs an orderly shape and to stimulate more beautiful and abundant blooms, therefore it is not recommended to neglect this aspect.

Lagerstroemia pruning: How to prune

Pruning interventions are performed in different periods and through different methods based on the type of plant that is being grown. For example, nursery Lagerstroemia should be pruned one year and one year not, while garden ones should be pruned all year round. The best time to do these interventions is during the winter, more or less in mid-February. In this period interventions are made to shorten the overgrown branches. This will encourage the production of new shoots for the following year. Other pruning interventions that are carried out for these plants are those for aesthetic purposes. Generally, the shape to be given to the hair is first chosen and then we move on to the cuts. It is not difficult to carry out pruning but, if you are not an expert in the field, we recommend that you seek help from a staff with more experience and knowledge. Furthermore, please note that the tools used for pruning must be cleaned and disinfected both before and after use.

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