Lampade solari

Furnish your home and garden

the fact that the house plays a vital role in our existence also gives a different and important light on the process that leads to having a house as we want it; in fact, for about a decade now, the furnishing of our residence is becoming more and more important, becoming an activity in which many people enjoy trying their hand. At one time these spaces in which people lived were furnished in a very pragmatic way, certainly combining a little style and personal taste, but paying particular attention to the optimization and the price of the pieces of furniture that were chosen. Today, however, the criterion of optimal functionality remains in the foreground (even if too many workers in the sector often forget it …), but we try to give greater prominence to the aesthetic component; according to our point of view, the main knot is and must be what the owner should like the house, it must make him proud of what he owns and above all it must make him feel at ease, together with his whole family. The same is clearly valid for the garden, which has been transformed from a sort of open space to be exploited (typically as a parking space, family vegetable garden, flowers and ball games for children) to a well-kept place as if it were a room, in the smallest details and trying to make it render the most in beauty and usefulness.

Light effects

The garden has a particular charm because in everyone’s unconscious a house with a garden, albeit small and not necessarily like a royal estate similar to the park of the Royal Palace of Caserta, is always more beautiful than a house without a garden. But not only that, the garden offers a series of possibilities that help to appreciate it more, such as a green, healthy and safe space for children to play or to relax after work, or to make parties and receptions in greater serenity. Many people also like to take care of the aesthetic aspect of their garden not only by creating the right combination of plants, but also by intervening on the “nocturnal” rendering of the garden itself. In short, thanks to the creation of lighting effects, you want to recreate a romantic and elegant atmosphere when the sun goes down, when in normal conditions the darkness would take over the garden while, using the right means (which we will see soon), it is possible to recreate a truly amazing setting for both the guests and the owners themselves. After all, there are many examples in the world of cinema, and we too will be able to welcome our guests by giving them a beautiful garden in which to have fun and enjoy themselves in good company.

Solar lamps

To recreate the scenic lighting effects that we mentioned previously, it is obviously necessary to have «points of light» to be positioned in the places where the effect can be enhanced; naturally by light points we do not mean diamonds, both because the cost would be too high and because they shine with reflected light (and not their own) so at night they would not guarantee certain effects. Apart from certain obvious clarifications, it is necessary to distinguish the case in which an installation is required from that in which this is not necessary; in particular, for a garden that has already been set up and that is therefore «illuminated» at a later time, to avoid having to revolutionize it, we recommend lighting with solar lamps: they are light points which, however, do not take the power supply from a normal plant, rather they are powered by a small solar panel that transforms solar energy into the amount of current necessary to turn the lamp on. We believe that this is a very very positive solution, for various reasons: an underground system should not be provided and therefore there is simplification and economic savings, no current is drawn from the home system but self-produced with other savings, it is an environmentally friendly solution that is easy to install, as well as elegant and very fashionable.

Operation, models, costs

The operation of a solar lamp is based on the same principle on which solar panels are based; without entering into technical descriptions that are difficult to understand for non-experts, the lamp transforms sunlight into electricity through particular materials (especially silicon and compounds) that react to the sun by generating electricity. Well, given that on a lamp there can only be a solar panel of a few centimeters, the energy produced will be little. Fortunately, however, the research on electric bulbs is very advanced, and just recently low consumption lamps have been introduced by law, which have such a low absorption that they can work even with the small energy of a day of little sun. The models of solar lamps on the market are not few; in general, the operating principle is the same, while the aesthetics can vary greatly because companies are increasingly focused on the goal of satisfying a large clientele. However, due to the simple technology and ease of construction, prices are falling sharply: it is not uncommon to be able to find products with solar panels, as described above, even in discount stores.

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