Lava stone for barbecue

Lava stone for the barbecue

Using lava stone for the barbecue, rather than the classic charcoal system, brings numerous advantages from the point of view of cooking food. It is precisely the lava stones that perform a very important function: the underlying flame releases the heat that heats the stones, which create a burning layer under the grill used for cooking food. In this way, it is possible to cook the dishes almost as if they were on top of the charcoal. The greatest advantage you have is in the ignition times: the charcoal requires a longer wait, it must be lit and it must have time to heat up sufficiently; with the lava stone for barbecue, the ignition is automatic and the stones heat up, and are ready for cooking, very quickly. In addition, theLava stone for barbecues also has the advantage of being able to keep the heat for quite a long period of time. The stones must be placed in such a way as to completely cover the area of ​​the flame diffuser, the degree of heat of their surface will be determined based on the adjustment of the underlying flame.

The characteristics of the lava stone barbecue.

The lava stone barbecueit is usually placed above a gas-fired stove. In the compartment located in the lower part, a gas cylinder is housed, this goes to feed the flame regulated by a flame spreader to manage the temperature. Using a gas-powered barbecue with lava stone is a practical and convenient solution, which allows you to cook food outdoors quickly and easily. The waiting times are shorter than those of a classic type barbecue, moreover, once the flame has been lit, there is no need to constantly check the state of the embers, much less to go and move. the coals. Food has less need to be monitored, although we can move and arrange it using pliers, what we put on the grill will cook evenly without risk of burns. Most of the barbecues that use lava stone are equipped with a regulator that allows you to move the grill closer or further away from the underlying stone to adjust the intensity of the heat, based on the type of food to be cooked.

Cleaning and maintenance of lava stones for barbecues.

It is necessary to clean the lava stone for barbecue from time to time. The humors produced by the food drip on the stone and tend to blacken it, for this reason it must be washed periodically. To clean the lava stone in the best way, it is sufficient to immerse it in water for a few hours, then remove it and put it to dry completely, before replacing it in its place. It is a rather fragile type of stone, for this reason, it is good to pay close attention. However, the cleaning of the barbecue must always be done constantly and with care, taking care not to use water in the space where the stones are housed, to avoid compromising the functioning of the flame spreader. After a few years of use, the stones tend to deteriorate, it will therefore be necessary to replace them. Barbecue manufacturers usually also have spare plates available. It is always advisable to store the barbecue, when it is not in use, in a sheltered place, inside or under a gazebo, to prevent atmospheric agents from damaging it.

Lava stone for barbecue: Practicality and cost of the lava stone barbecue.

Unlike the typical charcoal barbecue, the lava stone one is extremely comfortable to use. Ignition is almost immediate and there is no need to get your hands dirty with pieces of coal. Once the barbecue is off, it does not require any additional operation, other than to go and soak the cooking stone. The ease of use and cleaning is one of the most appreciated advantages of this type of barbecue, which make it ideal for organizing an evening with friends, even when you have little time available. Costs, once rather high, have dropped significantly, thanks also to the growing market demand. In relation to the expense, however, we consider that the lava stone barbecues are also among the most equipped, usually it is provided, for example, a space in which to place the typical accessories to be used for grilling. When in doubt as to which model is the best to choose, just go to any point of sale where we can see the different solutions available and, above all, where we can ask if replacement lava stones are also available.

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