Lavender flowers

Flowers -Cultivation of lavender

Lavender is known for its scent and beauty, but it also has healing properties. Lavender can be used to decorate terraces, apartments and to perfume our rooms or our linen. It can be grown in the garden or in pots on the terrace. Cutting is the most practical way to grow lavender, taking care to choose branches of about 10 cm in length. Lavender needs space and prefers areas with a lot of sun, so we pay close attention to the area where it will be planted or in case of cultivation in pots where the pot will be placed, if the cultivation is in pots during the spring period it is necessary to repot , water must be given in moderation, to avoid water stagnation we favor drainage, finally fertilization every two years with organic fertilizer

Lavender – Legends

Lavender flowers give rise to many popular beliefs, related to fairies and magical rituals about love. Its intense scent suggested that men were attracted so it was used for spells and love potions. In addition to love, it was also used to ensure happiness, protection and to purify the soul, hence the popular belief that to guarantee peace and prosperity to future spouses you had to put lavender branches in the bride’s trousseau, and this is also why which is used to perfume our linen. Lavender is grown above all in Provence, a region of France, where the legend of the Lavender Fairy was born, who with her blue eyes and her tears full of sadness gave birth to the birth of lavender flowers.

Flowers- The Meaning of Lavender Flowers.

Lavender in the language of flowers has a double meaning. The first means, to feel distrust, creates a certain restlessness, comes from a popular belief for which it was believed that it had benefits in the case of bites of poisonous snakes, lavender leaves were left to macerate and then were rubbed on the parts injured by the bites to heal them. , but it was also thought that snakes and asps hid in the leaves. The aforementioned beliefs derive from the fact that around the lavender plants there were bees and hornets which made it difficult to collect the flowers. These rumors have not prevented this beautiful and very fragrant flower from being loved. The second meaning is related to feelings and love, giving a bouquet of lavender flowers has a very deep and sweet meaning, your memory is my happiness.

Lavender Flowers: Lavender Flowers – How to urinate them

Lavender flowers allow us multiple uses and ensure that the environment is not polluted, we can use them, dried for the person, for cleaning the house and thanks to its healing properties to taste herbal teas and decoctions. Summer is the moment of maximum flowering therefore also the most suitable period for harvesting flowers, in fact they can help us to cure headaches, just massage the temples with a cotton pad soaked in lavender essence, very useful against mosquitoes by putting flowers at home, against sweating by boiling sage leaves and a few sprigs of lavender and then rubbing, finally to perfume our wardrobes by filling cotton bags with flowering twigs dried in the sun and tied with some ribbon.

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