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Concrete outdoor planters

Concrete outdoor planters are ideal when there is a need to grow plants that will have to stay in a certain place for a long time. In fact, the concrete planters are fixed structures made entirely of concrete which have a hole at the base necessary to allow the expulsion of water and which also allow planting plant species with an important root system. The concrete planters are either made in complete autonomy or purchased ready for use. The advantages that these provide are many: first of all they are resistant to all temperatures, therefore they tolerate any atmospheric condition, and then they do not undergo natural degradation. Concrete planters are generally used in the border areas of a garden and rarely on balconies.

The iron outdoor planters

The planters are born to allow the cultivation of plants and flowers when this cannot take place directly in the ground. When you have a balcony, you often resort to using flower boxes. The most used outdoor planters on balconies are those built in wrought iron, this is because they appear more rustic, original and functional. In fact, in most cases there is a tendency to optimize spaces by hooking the planter directly onto the balcony railing. This allows you to have a colorful and flowery balcony without restricting the useful surface. However, iron planters are also widely used in gardens as they are extremely resistant. In fact, if treated with specific products, they can last a very long time even if exposed to the elements.

Wooden outdoor planters

The wooden outdoor planters are much appreciated and used by lovers of the rustic and family style. The wooden planters, in fact, allow you to embellish a garden or a balcony while keeping the environment in which they are introduced extremely natural. Generally they are more used in porches and gardens, especially if there are rather covered areas and on balconies, especially when these have abundant coverage. This is because it is a natural material that allows you to embellish spaces while keeping them unique and rustic, but at the same time it is also the most easily degradable material, the one most sensitive to bad weather. Despite this, wooden planters are widely used especially because their construction is practical and simple,

The outdoor planters: PVC outdoor planters

The planters are created to embellish a space by containing plants that in this way are able to grow in a healthy and vigorous way. Most outdoor planters are constructed of wood. However, especially in the last few years, PVC seems to be the most popular. It is a rigid plastic that is among the most popular in the world and completely recyclable which gives the planters long-term resistance. PVC planters do not degrade, do not deform, are resistant to any weather condition, therefore they do not require any type of maintenance. The prices of PVC planters vary a lot depending on the size and model, in any case they are quite contained. Furthermore, precisely because it is a processed plastic,

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