Lemon balm mother tincture

The properties of lemon balm

Belonging to the Labiatae family, lemon balm is a plant known for its beneficial properties since ancient times: the Latins and Greeks already exploited the active ingredients obtained from preparations made with the aerial parts of lemon balm to give life to curative homeopathic products. The main function for which lemon balm has been used over the centuries is sedative: still today, lemon balm is widely used for the creation of products designed to combat anxiety and to perform a calming and sedative effect, for example to counteract insomnia. In the form of mother tincture, however, lemon balm is also often used for another purpose, namely the treatment of gastroesophageal disorders and for aerophagia problems and, in general, infections that can affect the intestinal system. Thanks to its ability to regulate the production of gastric juices, the dry tincture of lemon balm is also effective in limiting impromptu symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. This dual function, for which it is equally effective, makes lemon balm a phytotherapeutic resource among the most widespread, especially in the form of mother tincture, as this type of preparation allows to keep under control the quantities of active ingredients present and therefore the ‘effectiveness.

The mother tincture

In the case of plants such as lemon balm, with a specific purpose and almost immediate action, it is important to be able to have a product that guarantees a controlled quantity of active ingredient, so that even the effectiveness can be kept under control and the effects are predictable. Taking a controlled dosage also allows you to have stable effects and results even when taking lemon balm to be able to regulate sleep and fight a period of strong anxiety and stress, and therefore for those cases in which the intake is scheduled for a period of time prolonged. The mother tincture is a practical product to be used both at home and outside: for the intake it is sufficient to dilute a few drops of the product in a glass of water. For the quantities, however, it is good to inquire about it by talking to your doctor or herbalist, in order to avoid too low doses or, on the contrary, side effects related to excessive intake. The mother tincture is a preparation that is obtained by maceration in alcohol, so dilution in water is important not only to facilitate intake, but also to limit the negative effects of this substance on the stomach and on the body in general. .


When you decide to use homeopathic products such as mother tincture, it must be remembered that by law precise therapeutic indications and dosage cannot be reported on them as is the case for traditional medicines: for this information it is therefore necessary to rely on your doctor or to your trusted pharmacist. In any case, precise information identifies the mother tincture and the products made correctly: it is important to always rely on certified products, which can offer the right amount of active ingredient and guarantee effectiveness without contraindications, except for those related, in this case, to the consumption of lemon balm. In general, it is possible to indicate as the maximum limit the consumption of fifty drops per day, while usually the recommended dosage is around thirty drops, to be taken in water to mitigate the effects of alcohol present in the solution. The consumption of lemon balm drops can take place in a single solution, especially in those cases in which you decide to use them to remedy sleep disorders, while for medium and long-term results it is advisable to extend the use even for a few months.

Lemon balm mother tincture: Contraindications

Although it is a phytotherapeutic product, it does not mean that the mother tincture of lemon balm is not subject to contraindications and does not require some attention for its intake. The intake, first of all, must be avoided by people who have sensitivity and allergies to lemon balm, precisely because the intake of products deriving from this plant is sufficient to trigger allergic reactions. In other cases, compliance with the recommended doses will largely guarantee the safety and efficacy of the product, without the risk of further side effects. The mother tincture of lemon balmit can also be taken concomitantly with other herbs or medicines, without causing problems; however, if the function is the same and the active ingredients coincide, it is better to consult your doctor and check the compatibility of the two products, to avoid causing an indirect overdose that can tire the body instead of causing relief and reduction of the symptoms you want to combat . Similarly, the use of sleeping pills and pharmacological products of this type in conjunction with the intake of lemon balm will be carefully evaluated to avoid that the effects are excessive.

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