Lisianthus white

The herbaceous plant called Lisianthus bianco

The white Lisianthus is a species of herbaceous plant included in the genus called Eustoma and belongs to the Gentianaceae family. These plants are grown for ornamental purposes and the bell-shaped flowers are used and highly appreciated for the creation of elegant decorations and ceremonial compositions. The inflorescences produced during the summer season open on several erect stems. They can have simple and double petals of various sizes, plain colored or variegated and spotted with pink and purple, according to the different hybrid varieties and cultivars available on the market. Perennial plants in pots, are grown as annuals in the garden, the foliage is linear and ribbon-like with the pointed end, with a partially drooping appearance, light green with blue tones.

Cultivation techniques of white Lisianthus plants

Lisianthus perennials can be grown outdoors, in pots, without too much difficulty in areas where the climate is mild and temperate. These plants prefer bright and partially sunny exposures to grow and develop in a luxuriant way. The soil must ensure proper watering drainage and is composed of portions of peat and sand. Irrigation is frequent and regular starting from spring while it is drastically reduced in autumn and winter, absolutely avoiding water stagnation. In summer, to maintain ambient humidity, it is advisable to spray the foliage often. To supply the white Lisianthus specimens with all the nutritional elements necessary for development,

The propagation methods of white Lisianthus plants

White Lisianthus plants can be propagated by sowing at the end of winter, preferably in March. The seeds should be stored in containers filled with garden soil mixed with peat and sand. The ideal temperature for germination is around twenty degrees. The plants obtained are planted permanently, in pots or in the ground, when the leaves are well developed. Another propagation technique for these plants is through the division of the tufts. The operation is carried out during the spring season, with the help of a sharp knife the parts to be cut are sectioned. The portions obtained should be treated with pesticide rooting powder before being planted in fresh, fertile and well-drained soil.

The different hybrid varieties of white Lisianthus

The flowers of the white Lisianthus specimens are mainly used for decorations and wedding bouquets. Extremely appreciated for their delicate and elegant appearance are the different hybrid varieties and cultivars obtained through crossings and genetic selections. For example, Lisianthus Mariachi Grande White produces double flowers, very showy and with shapes reminiscent of camellias. Or the Lisianthus Croma is characterized by the ease of cultivation in pots while the single inflorescences are simple and smaller in size, compared to other varieties. The double petals distinguish the herbaceous plants of Lisianthus Cinderella White and Ivory which offer two different shades of white and are very resistant selections and adapt to different climatic and environmental contexts.

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