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Ivy: the first in a long list of climbing trees

Ivy, vulgar name of Hedera helix, is an evergreen climbing plant, capable of growing tens of meters along suitable supports, to which it adheres its adventitious aerial roots. This plant, which is part of a long list of climbing trees, belongs to the Arialiacee family and has alternate, leathery, very persistent leaves, as well as small greenish flowers. Its fruits are for the most part globose berries, somewhat fleshy and black (once fully ripe), containing two (or in rare cases three) seeds. In most cases, ivy is grown for ornamentation, especially to cover pergola and to decorate small and medium-sized surrounding walls.


The name jasmine derives from the Persian ‘yasamin’, a species which in turn refers to the genus Jasminum, comprising about two hundred shrubby, erect or climbing species (oleaceae family). The best known jasmine is undoubtedly Jasminum officinale, a shrub up to ten meters high, with small and very fragrant white flowers, gathered in panicles. Originally from Central Asia, it is also cultivated in Italy, in the warmer regions and in a temperate climate. Other varieties of jasmine, of more modest size and with colorful flowers (examples are the yellow Jasminum nudiflorum and the Beesianum, with red flowers) prefer the shade, although they are able to adapt to any type of terrain and location.


Wisteria is a genus of climbing plant belonging to the Fabaceae family; originally from China, it was imported and consequently cultivated in Europe starting from the first decades of the 19th century. We are in the presence of a shrub, one of many in a long list of climbing trees present in our continent, able to grow up to twenty meters in height and to survive (in optimal climatic conditions) even up to seventy years. Rather resistant also to the climate of the northern regions, it has spread widely due to its high ability to adapt to bad weather and the narrowest climatic conditions; this feature makes it particularly suitable for use as a decorative climbing plant, even in the vicinity of very long wall fences.

List of trees: La Boungainvillea

Bougainvillea is a plant that grows mainly in areas with a tropical climate, able to create real explosions of color thanks to the presence of colored flowers for eleven months a year, especially if it is planted in the right climate. It is a climbing shrub, very similar to a real vine, capable of climbing in a rather firm way on walls and trellises, sprouting with a certain regularity every year if it is not exposed to excessively cold temperatures that would compromise its growth; in fact it is no coincidence that Bougainvillea prefers warm and not very humid places and that during the coldest months of the year many growers prefer to provide it with a sort of shelter from frost by means of resistant plastic covers.

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