Lotus flower

The importance of water for the lotus flower

The lotus flower is a gorgeous flower usually pink, orange, yellow or white in color. The lotus flower is born and lives in the water, which is why it does not require watering, even if the water level must be kept constant. To allow the lotus flower to be born and grow at its best, it is absolutely necessary to avoid that the water freezes, so if we live in a place with long and rigid winters it is good to plant it in a pot that we will then take to the shelter, or cover the cultivation with some agritessuto. If the lotus flower is planted in a vase that we will not immediately place in the pond at home, or if we choose to keep it in a sufficiently large vase or container, we must keep in mind that the water must be between 20 and 40 centimeters deep. , to allow the flower an optimal development.

How to grow lotus flowers

Lotus flowers are quite simple to grow, the ideal thing is to have a small pond at least 30 or 40 centimeters deep. If we do not have a pond, we can use a very large hydroponics pot, or in another container that is suitable for the purpose. the woody seed of the lotus flowers must be buried in a grilled pot with the sprout facing upwards, we cover the whole tuber with a fairly compact soil mixture, the soil of the garden is fine, so it will remain perfectly in position once placed on the bottom of the pond. Placing the lotus flower on a vase helps to avoid uncontrolled spread. In case we decide to plant the lotus flower in a vase,

When and how to fertilize the lotus flower

The lotus flower is a plant that is renewed from year to year, so using the right fertilizer becomes important. The lotus flower completely renews the vegetation, for this reason it is good to use a slow release fertilizer for flowering plants, preferably enriched with microelements. This type of fertilizer allows the lotus flower to have all the necessary nutrients to always remain healthy and beautiful. The lotus flower must be fertilized twice a year in March and June, spring fertilization is very important and must never be avoided to keep the flower at its best. been potted the previous year, it is easier to use the fertilizer in cones, for the first fertilization it is recommended to use a terraceo fertilizer.

Lotus flower: Lotus flower characteristics

The lotus flower does not present particular diseases, the most delicate part are the roots, which must be treated with care when planting or repotting. The lotus flower can be attacked by aphids or fungi, in this case it will be enough to use a more suitable pesticide. If desired, it is possible to carry out a preventive pesticide treatment at the end of winter, before flowering begins. The lotus flower has several healing properties, some difficult to find in other plants. The seeds of the lotus flower are excellent for the spleen, have calming and astringent properties, help prevent the loss of fluid in the kidney. To calm the diarrhea we can put the seeds in warm water for a couple of hours, add the necessary sugar and drink the kind of tea we get.

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