Mallow healing properties

Mallow, healing properties – oral cavity

There is nothing more discomfort than having swollen, painful and sometimes bleeding gums. To remedy this uncomfortable discomfort, mallow is an excellent cure-all. Herbal tea of ​​mallow, lemon juice and sage is a natural solution to soothe the pains of gingivitis. To have a better result it is preferable to use gauze, previously soaked with the herbal tea, and dab them on the affected area. If the pain persists, it is right to have a checkup, but the beneficial properties of this delicate and elegant looking plant can be sufficiently effective. In this context, mallow is also useful for redness affecting the throat: a hot herbal tea with mint extracts is the perfect solution to relieve aches and pains related to inflammation of the oral cavity.

Mallow herbal tea – laxative properties

Mallow is well known for its strong laxative properties. The substances in which it is rich, in particular mucilages and pectins, have the ability to increase the mass of feces and be able to improve constipation. An herbal tea based on mallow, fennel and anise helps digestion and allows to regulate intestinal well-being. It is advisable to consume the hot herbal tea in the evening, so that the latter can act more effectively during the night and restore the bacterial flora in the best possible way. The effect will be immediate and the results will be visible a few hours after taking the drink. Having a mallow plant in your garden or balcony is undoubtedly a precious resource, beneficial for body ailments, and healthy for our mind and soul.

Mallow healing properties – urinary disorders

Rich in anti-inflammatory properties, mallow is able to act on the genital system to treat cystitis, candida for women and, in general, for pathologies of the urinary tract. The right herbal tea for these uncomfortable annoyances is based on mallow, rusco, heather and echinacea, the latter rich in anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The herbal tea with these ingredients is undoubtedly diuretic and is able to eliminate the bacteria that infest the genital system during inflammation. For candidiasis, use the same formula described above, and add lavender, milk thistle, and bergamot. If taken three times a day for two months, combined with a low-fat yogurt to not destabilize the intestine, it can be a natural remedy,

Mallow herbal tea – benefits respiratory system

Mallow is a plant with immense properties, able to soothe coughs, bronchitis and pharyngitis. For the simple cough it is good to use mallow leaves boiled in a cup of milk; finally add two teaspoons of honey. The choice of milk is suitable for a drink to be consumed in the morning and in the evening; if you replace milk with water you get a sort of mouthwash, useful for gargle and to act directly on the affected area. If you want to act on colds and flu-related ailments, it is advisable to use an herbal tea based on mallow, mint, thyme essential oil and two tablespoons of bicarbonate: the steam generated by this infusion has the ability to open the respiratory tract. and purify them, acting effectively and deeply. Useful and beneficial,

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