Man face cream

Fresh face: first step

The face is the first business card of any meeting, whether formal or not. This is why having a clean and well-groomed appearance can help us make a good impression and feel a little more confident about ourselves. For men, this goal is even more difficult to achieve, as unlike women, they cannot mask small defects with make-up: having healthy skin will be their only weapon! precautions. The first step is to carry out a deep scrub. Often men’s skin tends to be thicker and even more oily, a removal of dead cells will help to better absorb all the nutrients that will then be applied on top. The scrub will be applied with small rotating movements on the moistened face. Obviously you must always pay attention to the eye area, as it is a more sensitive area. For the scrub there are no specific products for men, just choose a basic one for women.

Moisturizing or sebum balancing cream

Based on the type of skin, you will choose which type of cream you need most. If the skin is dry, it will need to be rehydrated with nourishing creams. During the day you will opt specifically for a lighter cream, which does not grease as the man, having a more pronounced sweating, would risk causing the much feared shiny effect.On the night you can apply an anti-wrinkle moisturizer to make the cellular tissue of the skin.It is advisable to use men’s face creams with a natural formulation without added silicones and parabens, which are harmful and unnatural, but with the presence of aloe vera, jojoba oil or shea butter.

Aftershave or anti-dark circles cream

The skin of the male face is more sensitive and prone to the appearance of pimples due to the presence of the beard. An effective aftershave product will help avoid these annoying ailments. The fluids must be soothing and light to combat skin redness, easily absorbed and without contraindications for those who undergo shaving every day.Excellent products based on aloe vera and hyaluronic acid that help maintain proper hydration and preserve elasticity and therefore are valid allies against the signs of aging. Dark circles, often due to an incorrect lifestyle, are caused, more often than not, by smoking and stress. Men can use roll-ons or natural creams based on orange bioflavonide and baobab oil.

DIY man face cream

To buy a face cream for men and everything you need for beauty care, the herbalist’s shop will be the perfect place to find a wide selection of natural and organically grown products and an excellent quality / price ratio. Or you can go to the pharmacy where we find a rather high quality but the prices are quite high.If you are part of the DIY philosophy, buy the ingredients and create this soothing aftershave cream. You will need: coconut oil, half a cup of shea butter and 2-4 drops of essential oil of a fragrance of your choice (mint, tobacco, bergamot, cedar, bark). Mix the three ingredients in a bowl or container with a lid and spread it directly on your face. You can keep the product in the fridge for no more than two weeks.

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