Marginal plants

The marginal plants

The marginal plants are ideal ornamental plants for ponds and small bodies of water, which allow to create continuity between the crops present in the garden and in the area around the pond and the crops that are instead inserted inside the water surface. In fact, these are plants that live in muddy soils or that sink roots where the water level is very low, just a few centimeters. To create a green frame for the pond, it is possible to select one or more of the many aquatic species that are able to adapt to the climate of the environment in which they will be planted; among the criteria it is also important to evaluate the aesthetic aspect and the availability of time for their care: it is better to avoid demanding species if you know you have little time to take care of them.


The marginal plants, as seen, are species capable of living on the edge of ponds, on the border between land and water: they therefore prefer a muddy soil rich in organic matter, even if they show considerable adaptability depending on the characteristics and composition of the soil itself. Usually the planting takes place in spring, with the resumption of the vegetative cycle of the plant, which, depending on the species, can then brighten up the pond, already in the following season, with elegant and colorful flowers. During planting it is necessary to take into account the specific characteristics of the purchased plant, its needs but also its age: if it is very small it is advisable to plant it in a very low layer of water, waiting for its growth.

Marginal plants: Cultivation

The positioning of the marginal plant must also take into account the needs of the individual plants: it will be necessary to select them by evaluating the positioning of the pond, if it is shaded or mainly sunny and if it is a position exposed to winds. If the marginal plants are grown in pots, on the other hand, abundant watering must be provided manually to always keep the soil sufficiently muddy and to adapt to the characteristics of the growing plant. Especially with the beginning of spring, it is important to provide a correct preventive plan against parasites and fungi, which tend to proliferate in environments rich in humidity. Fertilization is also often a necessary operation for the development and growth of this type of plant:

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