Masonry pools

The swimming pool in the garden

Waking up in the morning of a public holiday, wearing a comfortable suit and going out into the garden to do some maintenance services on our property is one of the activities that many people dream of doing in their future; this in fact implies a stable and not excessively demanding job in terms of days and hours, a certain economic tranquility that allows us to have a beautiful house with an adjoining garden. But the greatest desire is certainly to have a personal swimming pool in this garden: it is a bit of a message from modern society to own dream houses like our favorite stars and the like, but in reality we think that inside each of us exists. already the seed of this desire, also because the seed of the search for material satisfaction is inherent in the human being.

What is a swimming pool

The question contained in the title of this paragraph seems like a mockery: whoever does not know what a swimming pool is, you will answer. The fact is that we are not talking about what a swimming pool is materially, but what it can represent in the life of all of us. The purchase or the construction commission of a personal swimming pool in the garden is a moment that makes us understand how much we have achieved a certain tranquility in our life, both economic and above all personal, so much so as to give us something so significant. We do it for our partner, for our little ones, so that the holidays are more appreciated by our friends, we do it for ourselves, to feel materially satisfied, to feel that we have accomplished something great and important, to give us those afternoons of relaxation in that water that is ours alone, from which no one can tell us to get out because the water park is closing. They are strong sensations, and they are what we pursue …

The pool models

The most classic model of swimming pool is the one built in masonry: it is absolutely the first known model of swimming pool and also the first way to build a swimming pool in history. Yes, because thanks to innovation and modern technology, today it is possible for example to have a modular swimming pool, or a swimming pool with an above ground and removable structure, or even an inflatable swimming pool. Let’s see what these new types of pools are. The modular swimming pool, already mentioned, is in practice a “tub”, that is, it is a swimming pool built all in one piece and which therefore only has to be positioned in a specially made excavation on the final place where it will come. These are mass-produced structures, even if the continuous diffusion of this solution sees many companies engaged and many models available.

The masonry swimming pool

But let’s go back to the masonry pool, that is to that pool that is built entirely in our garden, which can be built in any shape and with any size we want (limited to the characteristics of the land), covered in any material and who knows how many other customizations. The important thing is to contact a specialized company or in any case to experts in the sector with some experience behind them, as it is a job of a certain emotional and economic importance, which cannot be done roughly and which must guarantee a certain duration. in time.

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