Meaning of the color pink

The pink color in various cultures

The pink comes from the meeting of red and white, for this reason in different civilizations it was believed that the meaning of pink should be sought in the fusion of spiritual characteristics (represented by the white color) and passionate (represented by the red color). , for example, it contained within itself the meeting between victory, represented by red, and purity, represented by white and was therefore a color that reflected balance and right measure.In oriental civilizations the color pink means modesty and perfection and it is not a color that can only be traced back to the female world, but more generically it is associated with wise people, who do not boast of their skills, even if they are exceptional.It is probably due to the relaxing properties of this color that has been, in every place and in every time,interpreted as a metaphor for inner peace and serenity.

The pink color in chromotherapy

Pink is the color of youth, in fact it was associated until the nineteenth century with both female and male births.It is a color that according to some studies is good for the eyes and has the ability to soothe, which is why it is widely used for wallpapers and for furniture in general.In a symbolic sense this color represents the ability to love and be loved in a healthy way, kindness and the predisposition to understand and accept others for who they are and the sincere admiration that does not hide envy. sentimental sphere is connected to deep and consolidated affections such as those of a family type, to protection and motherhood or to an almost ideal, pure and romantic form of love like that of fairy tales.

In the present and in the West, pink is immediately associated with the female world, it is therefore a color that adapts to those with characteristics that generally characterize the fair sex: hospitality, dedication, a sense of protection, the ability to listen. and empathy.In the period of the Nazi dictatorship it was the color assigned to homosexual prisoners and this is probably why pink has been associated with the gay world for many years (currently replaced by the rainbow flag which was chosen as a symbol of the liberation movement homosexual). Pink also symbolizes the past, the carefree times of childhood and is therefore associated with memory. In the iconography of the Christian religion, pink represents joy, in oriental ones it is a metaphor of purity and integrity.

Meaning of pink color: The most loved pink flowers

The best known and most loved pink flowers are probably pink roses; these are the most fragrant roses ever and donated represent a form of tender and genuine love, or a great admiration.Also the peach blossoms, whose tree is native to China, are characteristic for the delicate pink color and are associated with spring in a metaphorical sense and therefore to rebirth and lasting love. Other typical pink flower is the splendid lotus flower, much loved and widespread in iconography, especially in the East to represent purity; in Buddhism and Hinduism this flower is the metaphor of enlightenment and the ability to remain authentic and virtuous despite negative influences. Finally, the poetic cherry blossom, adored in Japan,

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