Meaning of the tulip

The meaning of the tulip flower

The meaning of the tulip flower is related to the concept of pure love. However, according to a more historical interpretation deriving from ancient legends that see it as the protagonist, the tulip would also be the symbol of another aspect of love, the one most linked to the whims of lovers and to the contrasts between two lovers. The tulip is a flower that takes on a very different meaning based on the color or shade of the corolla. Since there are at least one hundred different shades, it is evident that the same flower can represent many different concepts. For example, the red one, the most classic of all, represents unconditional love and is a true and strong sentimental declaration while the violet one is considered the tulip of modesty, less demanding as a declaration than red.

The legends relating to tulips

The legends relating to tulips are many and all linked to its Middle Eastern origins. According to a Persian fairy tale, the flower – in particular the red one – was born from two drops of blood shed by a young man who committed suicide due to a disappointment in love. But the flower is also the protagonist of the fairy tales of the ‘Thousand and One Nights’ collection where the tulip was the flower chosen by the sultan to indicate his favorite of the night: dropping them at the feet of one of the women of the harem meant that the latter she was the predestined one. In the 16th century the tulip became one of the favorite flowers in Turkey, also thanks to the preference of Suleiman the Magnificent. From there it was taken to Vienna and later to England and Holland where, in a short time, it became a sought after and expensive status symbol.

Symbology of colored tulips

The symbolism of colored tulips is really varied and different. For example, the yellow tulip, in remembering the colors of the sun, wants to symbolize a carefree and cheerful type of love that involves above all joyful and uninhibited people. The mottled variant, on the other hand, is given to a person who we consider graceful and so sweet. Each chromatic variant, therefore, represents a meaning and for this reason the tulip is a very used flower in every type of floral composition. In the Ottoman Empire, for example, it was the symbol of power but it is also preferred as a gift for weddings or to wish a Merry Christmas. Finally, in the West it is considered the flower of tenderness and intimacy, both marital and friendly.

Meaning of the tulip: Little curiosities about the tulip

Here are some small curiosities about the tulip. Currently the largest producing country of the flower is Holland which has really made it a national symbol. Famous is the kit with seeds, one of the best-selling products at the Amsterdam flower market. It is one of the very few flowers suitable to be given also to a man: the appearance of the corolla and the stem – strong and robust – make it a less graceful and feminine flower than the others and therefore absolutely suitable for a floral gift for men. Since it is not a flower that requires particular care, its cultivation is very simple and this makes it one of the most chosen flowers to grow on balconies and terraces, even in an urban context. Finally, it blooms almost all year round depending on the variety you plant.

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