Meaning of tulip flowers

The origins of the tulip between myth and history

Of Persian origin, the tulip owes its name to the term “tullband”, which in the Turkish language designates the turban, a typical headdress worn by local men. The meaning of the flower is instead attributable to an ancient Asian legend, which narrates the suicide of a young man in love with the princess of Armenia, who dyed the tulip red with a drop of her blood and made it a symbol of passionate, unhappy love. and sometimes poignant. During the sixteenth century the sultan Suleiman the Magnificent chose it to decorate his palace and in a short time it spread to England and at the same time to Holland, where today it is the emblem and pride of the nation, for its gastronomic and above all decorative value. Currently the tulip is widespread and appreciated all over the world for its flexibility.

The structure of the tulip

With its distinctive cup shape, the tulip belongs to the tulip family and is a bulbous plant. It has about 110 variations in shape, size and color, mainly concentrated in some areas of Asia, even if currently its diffusion is worldwide. The height of the stem that comes out of the ground can vary from 10 to 80 cm, as well as the number of leaves, which generally varies between 2 and 6, reaching 12 only in the giant species. , yellow, orange, purple, white and mottled. They are flowers that require frequent exposure to the sun and a rather temperate and not too windy climate, to prevent the long stems from breaking. They can therefore be easily grown at home following these precautions.

The meaning of tulip flowers: to each shade its love

The tulip is one of the few flowers that lends itself to being given to women but also to men, due to its solid structure and strong and defined colors, which make it less feminine than other species. In the Western tradition, the meaning of tulip flowersdescribes the totality of love; you just have to choose the variant that suits the message we want to communicate. The red tulip is the promise of a lasting and all-encompassing relationship, the purple one is suitable for more cautious lovers and less inclined to amorous follies, the yellow variant is suitable for a young and carefree couple, the white one implies a request for forgiveness, while that mottled has a more subtle meaning, alluding to the beauty of the eyes of the one who receives it as a gift, compared to the brilliant shades of the flower.

Meaning of tulip flowers: The other meanings of the tulip

Being a flower characterized by a great variety of colors, the tulip easily adapts to any occasion: it is in fact frequently chosen for its elegance on the occasion of joyful events such as weddings, birthdays and births, but also to offer one’s condolences in case of mourning. The meaning of tulip flowers also helps to wish a speedy recovery to a sick friend, especially in the pink and yellow variants, capable of transmitting positivity. Finally, this flower is greatly appreciated as a home decoration in vases and centerpieces, for its beauty, resistance over time and the ability to easily adapt to any type of environment. It is an easy to grow flower, which can be taken care of even by the less experienced on a common balcony.

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