Meaning of tulips

Tulips: the perfect flower to say “I love you”

According to literature, the perfect flower for a full-blown declaration of love is the tulip, in fact the rose, while remaining the queen of flowers among lovers, is not the only messenger. This flower unequivocally says “I love you” , with shades of different meaning according to the color chosen. It is said, for example, that the sultan of “The Thousand and One Nights”, used a tulip to choose the woman of the favorite harem, letting a red one fall at his feet; another version tells, however, that it was the odalisques who used the tulip, throwing it outside the railings of the harem, to remind their lost lover of their love. In general, however, that of the tulip remains a message of love, starting from ancient Persia,

The red tulip, an elegant and silky flower, endowed with a simplicity that makes it at the same time of great charm and beauty, is the right one to give to your beloved, if you want to express a true, passionate, eternal and pure love. It is a declaration of love in pure style and without veils, totally undressed of all fear, which is revealed in all its grandeur carrying within it the message of eternal love: “I love you and I will love you forever”, promise and commitment of a certain depth.A fairytale origin, places the red tulipat the center of a disappointment of love, but today this flower is instead a symbol of perfect love, made so by the capricious feelings and continuous contrasts of two souls linked together.It is curious to note how its symbolism varies from East to in the West, in fact, if in the Eastern world the red tulip interprets feelings of lasting love because it is balanced, in the West it expresses the exact opposite, namely inconstancy and instability. Could it be because Western relationships are nowadays more danceable and less solid with their ups and downs? Evidently the red tulip frames the situation very well.

The legend of the tulip

Most of the flowers, especially the most beautiful, are often accompanied by legends and tales that tell of their birth or the principle from which their symbolism starts, and the tulip, being one of the most fascinating of the world of nature, does not deny itself. bringing with him stories that mix fantasy and reality.In the Persian tradition it is said, in fact, that Farhad, a master builder of Persia, committed suicide after learning of the death of his beloved Shirin, Christian queen of Armenia and wife of Chosroes II. The latter, having discovered the love triangle of which his wife was part, decided to stage the death of his wife to distance her from her lover, who instead, having learned the false news, took his own life. It is from every drop of his blood, poured out for love, with which he soaked the ground, that beautiful red tulip flowers were born. From this legend it is clear why the tulip, and especially the scarlet one, is a symbol of deep and eternal love.The story was then revived and romanticized in literature by the most famous epic-romantic poet of Persia, Nezami Ganjavi and later revisited in minor theatrical works.

Meaning of tulips: Other colors and meanings of the tulip

Although the generic meaning of the tulip is that of an intense and penetrating feeling, the choice of its color can be a way to soften it or move it towards other types of messages, always linked to love. Just as falling in love has a thousand shades and is experienced differently depending on the circumstances and the individual emotionality, so this flower recovers, in the same way, the various facets of a feeling as varied as it is complex. whose message is the clear declaration of unconditional love, the tulip can express, for example, modesty. This is the case of the violet one, which, given as a gift, declares a love without the pretense of an excessive promise, still a sweet but less passionate meaning than red. The yellow tulip, on the other hand, carries a message of well-being derived from love. Its color is reminiscent of the sun’s rays, therefore a perfect gift for a carefree, warm, worry-free bond.There is also the one with mottled petals and bright shades that are reflected in the brightness of the eyes of those who receive them, so much so that its meaning is the message of an initial liking.

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