Meaning pink roses

The meaning of pink roses

The meaning of pink roses is therefore linked to the concept of affection that can be completely pure like that of the mother for a child or the friendly affection that exists between two people. Pink roses are among the most popular flowers for their innate elegance and intense fragrance. Giving them means carefree but also admiration. Furthermore, he may want to communicate the existence of an innocent love, probably very recent. Finally, not all pink roses have the same chromatic tone and take on a completely different meaning based on the intensity of the color. For example, the darker pink ones are given to symbolize gratitude or appreciation or even a great deal of gratitude. A paler pink can symbolize grace.

The symbolism of pink roses, being the flower approached to love, is also linked to the concept of passion and therefore was considered in ancient times the sacred flower to the goddess of beauty Venus. Greek mythology, on the other hand, explained the birth of the beautiful flower thanks to the intervention of the goddess of flowers, Cloride, who transformed a dead nymph into this wonderful rose to preserve its beauty intact. It was then the god Dionysus who gave her the unmistakable perfume while the Charites – considered the three deities linked to beauty – gave her an extremely attractive appearance. Thanks, then, to the work of Apollo, the climatic conditions were finally created to allow the flowering everywhere of what is considered the queen of flowers par excellence.

The medieval legends about pink roses are many and all extremely fascinating. There is, for example, the one that explains the birth of this flower with the attempt to execute an unjustly accused girl: put at the stake, instead of flames and wood, roses of every color appeared, from red to pink to white, and the young woman was thus saved. Still another tells that originally the rose was only white: to dye it with all shades of pink and red was the blood of a nightingale in love with her that pricked itself with its thorns in an attempt to get closer to the flower. Finally, a popular belief tells that the rose originally grew without thorns in Paradise: the latter appeared when the flower appeared on earth to remind men of their sins.

Pink roses meaning: Pink roses in religion

Pink roses in religion, especially the Catholic one, are one of the most cited and used flowers for their symbolism. The red ones were associated with the concept of the blood shed by the martyrs for the faith while the roses are the flower of the Madonna par excellence. In fact, in almost all the paintings depicting the mother of Jesus, they are always represented as a fundamental element that symbolizes the purity of the woman. Thanks to the meaning of pink roses , they are very present in the history of art, especially the religious one. They were the protagonists of the paintings of Pierre-Joseph Redouté, considered the painter of flowers, but also of those of the Impressionists Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet and Paul Cézanne and, more recently, Georgia O’Keeffe and Robert Mapplethorpe.

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