Meaning sunflower flowers

The meaning of flowers: the sunflower

The sunflower is the happiest of flowers and its main meaning is that of loyalty, fidelity, constancy and longevity. Sunflowers are unique in their ability to provide energy in the form of nourishment and vitality, attributes that recall the qualities of the sun and the power provided by its heat and light. No flower arouses as much joy as the sunflower, it is bright and colorful, suitable to be given to people we trust, as a gesture of warm affection. Since this flower always follows the sun, it has often been associated with the search for spirituality as a search for light in darkness. Sunflowers are available in many varieties, there are about 150 species, from the smallest to the largest, from bright yellow to pinkish colors that recall the sunset light.

Sunflowers represent different meanings according to cultures. In China they are a symbol of longevity and prosperity. In the Andes, images of huge sunflowers were found in Inca temples, and scholars believe that the priestesses of this people were common in decorating their ceremonial robes with sunflower flowers. Thanks to the discovery of some drawings, it is even thought that the people of the Andes worshiped a god in the shape of a huge sunflower, which combines this flower with life and reproduction. In North America, the Indians in the prairies cultivated sunflowers for oil, medicines and tinctures. For these populations the large sunflowers symbolized power, warmth and deep loyalty, while giving away sunflowers nani was a symbol of pride, false appearances and unhappy love.

The Greek legend

According to a Greek legend, the sunflower was born from the love of a young water nymph for the sun god Apollo. The god did not care at all about the love of the nymph, who, in despair, spent her days lying on the ground staring at the sun. Although Apollo had not noticed his love, the other gods took pity on him and transformed the unfortunate creature into a flower, hence the sunflower was born whose head turns to follow the course of the sun across the sky day after day. Another Greek legend, however, tells that Clytie, a nymph in love with the sun god Helius, was abandoned by him for a girl called Leucothoe, daughter of the king of Persia Orchamus. The king discovered the love affair and buried his daughter alive. Helius hated Clytie even more and the poor girl let herself die turning into a sunflower,

Sunflower flowers meaning: Use of sunflowers: curiosity

The sunflower is grown mainly for its seeds and the oil that is produced from it. Each mature flower produces oil equal to 40% of its weight and a single wild sunflower head is capable of producing up to a thousand seeds. When Ukraine tested its first nuclear bomb in 1996, defense ministers of the United States, Russia and Ukraine gathered at a former missile base to contain further global damage, given the fallout from the bomb after the attack. of Hiroshima, at that time the sunflower became the symbol of a world free from the threat of nuclear weapons. This historic event was celebrated by scattering sunflower seeds into the ground as a symbol of growth, rebirth, loyalty and trust. Sunflower is the official flower of Kansas and North American Indians,

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