Meaning trees

Meaning trees – the peach tree

The peach tree has always been one of the trees that symbolizes spring. The peach, its fruit, for Chinese culture symbolizes immortality. The meaning of this tree, in Western cultures, is connected to the vegetative restart and therefore natural and vital. The peach blossoms, very beautiful and fragrant, if dreamed, symbolize joy and happiness; in Egypt instead it is considered the symbol of silence. In the language of flowers, that of the peach tree, being particularly beautiful and with pink shades, is a flower linked to loving feelings, in particular lasting, intense and immortal loves. To date, the subject of many body tattoos and pictorial representations, the peach blossom is a symbol of solidity and family union. For a loved one, given the multitude of symbols, what better gift of love than a peach blossom?

Meaning trees – the almond tree

In natural symbology, the almond tree is a tree with a profound meaning of birth and resurrection. This is reflected in the period of its flowering, being the first tree to blossom after the winter frost. In Greek mythology the meaning of this tree is attributed to hope and constancy. In Western culture there are many initiatives proposed for the use of the almond tree for ornamental and tourist purposes. The fruit of this tree, the almond, unlike the entity that generates it, has the meaning of mystery: the almond carries with it the symbol of a truth that can only be discovered through great physical and mental effort, in this case. the breaking of the strong and resistant shell that protects it. The almond blossoms, delicate and fragrant,

Meaning trees – the willow

Willow is one of the trees with multiple meanings. In general it is the tree of life and longevity. In Japan it represents sweetness and joy. It is in China that it reaches the height of its symbolism, where, in addition to signifying life and happiness, it is also the embodiment of the female figure, of the joys and pains of love. The term willow is commonly associated with the adjective “weeping” for its anatomical appearance and morphology. In this regard, in addition to a positive vision, the willow can be conceived in a negative sense, with the meaning of pain and suffering. Mourning is the embodiment par excellence of this natural being, along with weakness and spiritual malaise. With its prostrate and falling character, the willow is one of the trees of greater religious and mystical importance.

Meaning trees – the cypress

With a majestic and solemn appearance, the cypress is the typical tree that symbolizes loneliness and pain. Since ancient times it was considered the symbol of eternal life and hope after death. Particularly luxuriant in Italy, particularly in Tuscany, today the cypress, especially in this region, is used for ornamental purposes. The characteristic shape of this incredible natural size, needle, gives the latter the ability to render an extremely ordered and almost monumental landscape. The peculiarity of its thick and compact hair is perfectly consistent with meditation and inner closure, states of mind that are experienced in an environment such as the cemetery. Whatever the place where it is, the cypress is always a tree that inspires respect and austerity,

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