The garden is life

The home garden is a fundamental part of both the structure of the house and the life of those who live there; in fact, not only can it guarantee an increase in the aesthetic level and economic value of the house, but above all it can improve – and by far – the quality of life of its owners, of its lucky owners. Yes, because given the current macroeconomic conditions, being able to own your own house with a garden is a great sacrifice, but it is above all a fortune because it is already a lot to be able to pay a mortgage or face purchase costs without too many worries and leading an almost life normal. We can conclude that the garden is life, just as we wrote in the title of this paragraph: it manages to give serenity and relaxation almost more than anything else,

Bring the garden to life

The garden is a natural place which, as we saw in the previous paragraph, can have enormously positive effects on the quality of our life; well, to make all this happen, it needs some jobs and tricks, useful to make it always perform at its best, to keep it healthy and in order in order to always do its precious work on us well. Garden maintenance operations are not at all burdensome, as long as you have a minimum of daily goodwill and a passion for manual jobs; you do not need companies or professionals to clean the garden at all, because you will see that after getting carried away, the almost daily chores to be carried out in the garden to keep it always at its peak will be a pleasant pastime, being able to transform into a real hobby, the famous “green thumb”. Basically, however, to give real life to the garden, the fundamental operation is that of watering: water is a fundamental component of human life and also of plant life, because through it the plants of our garden will be able to take those nutrients. which will then allow them to express their aesthetic beauty to the maximum, and also to cheer us up with scents and colors with an incredible effect on our mood.

Irrigation system

During the setting up of the garden it is good to think about all those things which, if discovered too late, will require too large and expensive work to be set up; in short, a good planning of the works is necessary to optimize the available resources. Well, one of the operations to be well planned and that we advise you to carry out when first setting up the garden, is that of the irrigation system. Unless by choice or necessity you want to water your garden with the pump or the watering can, an irrigation system can make this garden care operation easier and scenically interesting. Not only that, thanks to the automatic control units, it is possible to program the irrigation operation remotely or even in advance, so that we don’t have any worries if we decide to spend a weekend away, being sure that our plants will receive the care they need. The system is simple and not very expensive, because it only requires a small network of underground pipes to be connected to the water supply of the house or to a well in the garden; the control unit will control the opening and closing of the power supply, and the “spray” will be through the nozzles placed in the right places.


The micro-sprinklers are objects, tools that are part of the irrigation system of our garden; they are a particular model of nozzle, therefore they are part of the extreme part of the system that has the task of supplying water to the outside, that is to the plants. In particular, the micro-sprinklers are those nozzles that let the water fall as if it were rain, not starting it from a single point but being made up of a pipe with several consecutive outlet holes. The picture will surely be clear in your mind, as they are common in gardens of various sizes; usually the pipe is made of rubber, and solutions can also be found that do not provide for the exit from the bottom but which require the distribution pipe to be vertical or suspended in the air, with the holes that then direct the water jet in the desired places. This solution is preferred for two reasons; the first reason is the aesthetic one, because there are people who like to see the water flow like this for their plants, while the second reason is practical: some plant species want the water to fall from above and in small streams, so very directional, and in this regard the best solution can only be that of the micro-sprinkler connected to the irrigation system.

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