milan swimming pools

types of swimming pools

The pool with which one has to deal more often is certainly the inground one, which is always represented as the traditional pool.

To create this type of swimming pool, however, it is essential to organize a precise excavation work, for which municipal authorizations relating to this project are needed.

The inground pool is characterized by being placed inside a pool made with special materials, such as resin glass, or it can also be entirely covered with tiles.

It will then be at the discretion of the customer, the choice relating to the material with which the pool is to be built, the size and the model of the structure to be placed in your garden.

Obviously, it is necessary to buy a swimming pool whose dimensions integrate perfectly with the space that is present within the green space.

An alternative, however, as regards the type of pool is represented by those above ground, which are often built with materials such as plastic or fiberglass, which are characterized by being able to withstand the weather rather effectively.

In this case, the above ground pool will only be used during the summer season and also involves lower maintenance costs.


Without a shadow of a doubt, the relaxation area in which we want to place the pool must be completed with all the comforts necessary to spend a pleasant time inside this structure.

Obviously the corner of the pool is the one that lends itself to the major furnishing works, since especially during the summer days, it becomes a rather busy area and it is good to make it as interesting as possible.

First of all, it is necessary to equip a paved pool edge, made with tiles that have a particular tendency not to accumulate too much heat inside them, despite being continuously exposed to the sun’s rays.

To create a good furniture for your pool, it is advisable to use all those materials that meet the requirement of impermeability against water, with which obviously they must always be in contact.

The deckchairs that are frequently placed in the pool corner, for example, are characterized by the presence of cushions that remain specially dry against splashes of water, due to the fact that they are made with specific waterproof materials.

Of course, the choice of deckchairs also allows you to give a touch of elegance as well as originality to the entire pool corner, perhaps always trying to buy furniture in the same color or built with the same material.


Close to a fun and interesting space such as the swimming pool, or even inside it, we must never forget to bring or place some objects that can be extremely useful when we use it, especially during the summer period.

The accessories undoubtedly allow you to make the space in which the pool is located as complete as possible, without a doubt also in terms of aesthetics and elegance.

We often talk about accessories for swimming pools, but we want to mean all those objects that not only contribute from a comfort point of view, but also allow you to give an aesthetic touch to the entire environment in which the pool is located.

In any case, one of the most popular swimming pool accessories is represented by the ladder: in most cases this accessory is not included when you buy the pool, even if customers usually have a particularly wide choice at their disposal. it’s complete.

In fact, we can find numerous ladders for Milan pools that are made of plastic or steel: the choice depends solely and exclusively on the preferences and tastes of the customer.

milan swimming pools: maintenance

Trying to always keep your swimming pool in order is certainly an operation to which you can devote a lot of time and organizing this task with a fixed term can certainly be a great help.

Spending part of your time for the maintenance of your swimming pool is certainly a very important aspect: we must devote the necessary time to our swimming pool, at least as much as we needed to choose the model that is most suited to our needs and preferences.

There are several operations, such as effectively regulating the pH, chlorine and providing for water purification, which are activities that require some time to be carried out in the best way, with due care and attention.

Even the filtering of your pool is one of those aspects that must always be taken into account.

On the market we can find a large number of possibilities, especially from the point of view of the choice of tools, which allow us to take care of and keep our swimming pool in excellent condition.

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