Millet tablets

Use of nature

The human being is part of nature not in the sense that most people mean, that of ruler of the seas, the skies and the earth, but it is only one of the many animal species that nature has created with its extraordinary evolutionary processes. Not only that, the fact that Darwinian evolution has led us to possess some decisive faculties in creating our privileged position within the natural landscape, must not be a reason for us to exploit nature to the point of reducing it to the bone, because we without it we would be nothing. This applies to every natural material, from fossil coal and petroleum deposits in the subsoil to decorative plants such as orchids (some species of which only survive in captivity while in nature they have completely disappeared), obviously passing through animals, that in part we have hunted and decimated personally (see the tigers) while in other cases we have destroyed indirectly because we have made their habitat disappear in a time much shorter than their ability to adapt, blatantly wrong. The use of natural resources is a right thing and in turn natural (after all, everyone does it, from insects to animals), but it is only so if we know how to have a measure of what it is, if we do not exaggerate and we succeed in destroying entire species.

Herbal medicine

Trying to go back over the years, not with memory but with historical analysis, we see that the human being from his earliest times as a civilized and advanced animal has tried to understand how to exploit to his own advantage what nature put in layout. And so one day he began to eat animals to feed on that nourishing meat, animals he had killed with stones and blows inflicted with small but sturdy trunks, while with the leaves of the plants he prepared some clothes or a comfortable and dry place to sleep on. . Nowadays the exploitation of plants to obtain precious nutrients available to anyone is a fashion, a widespread and increasingly popular practice that goes under the name of herbal medicine. In herbal medicine, taking a tour, we discover that there are plants that help regulate our intestines such as licorice (which has an effective laxative power), or there are other plants whose floral extract has a useful calming power (chamomile and valerian, very common), and we can find a thousand other examples. The success of modern herbal medicine is due to the fact that it and its products have been closely connected with body care, that is the aesthetic aim that almost everyone today considers.

Millet tablets

Among the many products found in herbal medicine and in common use that can be analyzed, here we want to focus on millet tablets. These tablets contain the dry extract of a plant belonging to the Graminaceae family which has the name of “millet”; its relationship with wheat and wheat is not very indicative, so much so that for example millet can be safely consumed by celiacs because it does not cause any of the reactions due to this disease. But why millet tabletsam I in the pharmacy? Soon said: in addition to B vitamins, magnesium, zinc and many other very nutritious natural elements, millet contains silicic acid (or derived from silica) which is a natural beauty product, because it has a strengthening and invigorating effect on the nails, on hair, skin and even tooth enamel. Thinking about it, these effects are practically the basis of modern aesthetics of a common level, that is those micro tricks to appear younger and to delay the effects of aging, particularly evident from the weakening of the teeth, from the deformation of the nails, from the wrinkles of the skin and also from hair loss and discoloration.

Millet tablets: How to take them

The millet tabletsfor sale in herbal medicine are the prerogative of many manufacturers, which each have their own trade secret, so the products will have about the same effects (after all, the fundamental component is part of the plant, they just extract it) but it is clear that the dosage will be different. Let’s start by saying that the treatment to strengthen the hair (this is the main purpose of use, but the same applies to skin, nails and teeth) must be carried out in cycles, that is, treating the millet as a supplement; Doctors usually prescribe that you take two tablets a day (medium dosage) for a period of about two months; after this, the effects obtained are evaluated and the treatment is stopped for two months, in order to see its evolution and be able to resume treatment by modifying the dosage and / or duration if necessary. The most common form of sale of millet in tablets is in boxes of about sixty tablets (useful for a month if you take two a day as mentioned) at a cost ranging from ten to twelve euros per box, so all in all a cost. affordable. Testimonials from users of this product, especially in the female audience, speak of noticeable effects.

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