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Use a mini compressor

Sometimes, some inconveniences while driving a car can be quite unpleasant and inconvenient. Imagine you are behind the wheel and hit the wheel, a curb or a pothole. Following situations of this kind, it happens that the tire loses pressure and looks like it has a hole in it. In reality, what has happened is just an air leak from the valve, due to the impact. However, these frequent problems will no longer be a problem with an onboard mini compressor. This very useful accessory is practical and easy to use. Just connect it to a common 12v cigarette lighter and press the ignition switch. Immediately, the equipment will start charging until the desired pressure is reached. If you only need to inflate one tire, a pressure of 3bar will be required.

Mini compressor maintenance

When your car is equipped with useful equipment in emergency situations, it is your primary task to keep it in perfect working order. This is possible by periodically carrying out good maintenance on your useful accessories. First, make sure that after each use, the mini compressor is stored in the case. More attention must be paid to the pressure gauge which, like any measuring device, can stand due to impacts or the passage of time. Should the pressure gauge lose its accuracy, the incorrect measurement could cause irreparable damage to your tires and therefore to your car. Take care to keep the case of your mini compressor in a safe area of ​​your trunk.

Mini compressor with cables

Another model of mini compressor that can be found on the market is the one with cable feed. The equipment in question always works with a 12 V power supply but must be connected to the electrodes of the car battery. An alternative solution for those who do not have the possibility to use the cigarette lighter as a power source. The operation of this mini compressor is the same as the previous one. The only variation to be performed is the connection to the power supply. Just lift the hood of your car and release the electrical contacts of the 12 v battery from the special protection. Connect the negative cable to the negative pole and the positive one to the positive pole of your battery. Now,

Mini compressor manufacturers

Here are the technical features and tools supplied with most of the portable car compressions on the market. Tools supplied: – 0-18 bar pressure gauge – 2.9m cable with plug for connection to the cigarette lighter – Air hose with quick coupling valve – 3 adapters (balls, air mattresses) – 1 adapter for bicycle wheels Features technical: – Power supply (V): 12 – Max. (bar): 18 – Max. (l / min): 4.5 – Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 160x80x145 – Weight (Kg): 0.7 Useful tips: For all uses that go beyond simply inflating tires and inflatables or cleaning the car, air compressors with accumulation that have higher power and performance are indispensable. L’

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