Mini orchids

Flowers with heart

Plants are an exceptional product of the power of Nature, but what of them has the most bite on the human soul are absolutely the flowers: they are conceived by nature itself as simple means to help the reproduction of the plant, but in reality this to the greatest extent. part of men who doting on them is either unknown or simply not interested, taken as they are by the perfection and perfumes of these beautiful means of reproduction. Thanks to this ability to enchant human beings, flowers are used very often as a gift; in fact, by doing so you want to take advantage of the great communicativeness they have: their appearance is delicate and elegant, the colors are always bright but never excessive, they clearly do not speak, but they express much more and perhaps much much better what we feel than the words themselves. In fact, in some particular situations, the words we pronounce are rarely the right ones, or it happens that we experience a moment of such strong emotion that speaking correctly becomes difficult; flowers help us in this: when we want to express our love to the person we love, when we want to apologize, when we express pain for a bad event, or when we simply want to wish for any anniversary with the heart and not with a gift .

The orchids

Evolution has also run its course with plants, which in millions of years have gone from small organisms with few cells to real survival machines, capable of overcoming ice ages, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and quantum other and to develop adaptations capable of making them fascinating and incredible even for those who study them regularly. Well, among these wonderful plants there are orchids: they are widespread on our market, although they are not native to our areas as we will see, because their flowers are colorful and of particular and elegant shapes, suitable for many important occasions but also only for decorate our home environments. They originate from non-European areas, even if the precise origin is not very clear; the climate they love is however slightly humid and never cold, without stagnation of water and without direct sun exposure. All this suggests that they originate from subtropical climates, i.e. climatic bands between temperate and tropical, already characterized by humidity and very tall plants (which shelter the orchids from the sun as they are small).

The mini orchids

The flower market is constantly evolving to try to satisfy and hit the tastes of more and more people, but above all to try to create, or rather, to generate species of plants capable of better resisting certain climates, diseases or in any case the unprofessional cultivation. Among the various discoveries that the Far East has also given us in the floral field, mini orchids are among the most appreciated and loved in our culture. These particular species of orchids are hybrids, that is a union between several species in which we have tried to isolate and enhance single characteristics, such as color and size; as the name suggests, mini orchids are characterized by their small size. To give an example and to understand what we are talking about, they are like bonsai: they are not particularly pruned plants that have a large flower, but they are perfect plants only reduced in scale, therefore they have the thinnest branches and the smallest flowers, but all in the same natural proportion and in the same number. Their usefulness derives from the fact that they are particular and not so common objects, to be shown with great satisfaction and to be reared with care.

Mini Orchids: Caring for the orchid

It is clear that, being reductions in scale, mini orchids have the same needs as their larger cousins ​​in size; however it must be said that, exactly like the case of bonsai, there is a more precarious life balance of the plant, since it is obtained by hybridizing a species and treating it with special techniques, so it has not been «grown» by evolution natural and therefore has defects that often anticipate death. However, the research goes on, and in the Far East, where mini orchids come from and where they are very common to decorate the rooms of the house, we are studying how to make them even more durable; they first of all need a mild temperature all year round, with regular watering as soon as the soil dries up which must be reduced only slightly when the winter season also lowers the temperature inside the house by a few degrees. Obviously, water stagnation should be avoided, so it is good that the lower part of the soil is coarse enough to allow the water to filter well, while the pot itself should be transparent as the roots of orchids also carry out part of the photosynthesis (this derives from the fact that in natural conditions they also grow clinging to trees or rocks).

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