Mint infusion

Properties of the mint infusion

The properties of the mint tea are not the best known, which is a shame because they are really useful. Due to its sedative and spasmodic properties, mint promotes digestion by relaxing the intestinal walls, as well as helping the functioning of the liver. Mint also promotes the secretion of bile, and is helpful in case of diarrhea. It also helps treat coughs and colds, and mint has disinfectant and healing properties. You can consume up to half a liter of mint tea per day. but preferably not in the evening because it does not help sleep and can even disturb it. Mint contains, in addition to menthol, vitamin C, antibiotic substances, limonene and isovalerianate.

Mint infusion preparation

The preparation of the mint infusion is simple: fresh or dried mint is added to the boiling temperature.If the mint is fresh, for the same volume it releases less flavor than when it is dry, because when it is dry the flavor is more concentrated. In the case of dried mint, two teaspoons for one cup make a moderately tasty infusion; in the case of fresh mint it will be better to abound, since it is a weed plant and it will not be difficult to find another. Usually, two or three branches guarantee a medium flavor.The mint should be left to infuse for about five minutes, but no more or it will become bitter.It is very pleasant with a little brown sugar, after which if you don’t want to drink it hot you can put it in the fridge.

Moroccan mint tea

Moroccan mint tea, actually common in Tunisia as well, is not made in the same way tea is usually made, while mint is usually added when the water boils and the flame goes out, for this particular type of tea. tea the water must continue to boil for a few minutes.The taste of this is very particular, really delicious, often sweetened with cane sugar.This tea is usually accompanied by particular pine nuts: these pine nuts are probably a typical variety of the North Africa because, unlike those found in Italy, they are floating pine nuts. Moroccan mint tea comes in tall and narrow cylindrical glasses, with some pine nuts on the surface and possibly a sprig of mint for garnish.

Mint Infusion: Mint Frost

Frost, a typical sweet of the Sicilian tradition, is nothing more than jelly.Famous is the gelo di mellone, that is the watermelon jelly, often decorated with mint leaves, the cinnamon frost, decorated with chocolate flakes and chopped pistachio.What these two gels have in common is that the main ingredient is liquid: watermelon juice and cinnamon infusion respectively.Once you know the proportions, therefore, nothing prevents you from making a frost, or a jelly, of Anything, so why not a healthy mint frost? By heating the mint infusion you add, little by little, cornstarch, potato starch or rice starch. The liquid will set up to become a jelly, which can then be poured into the molds.A mint frost is the perfect dessert for a busy lunch:

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