Mobile homes

Homes in motion

The real estate market consists of an offer that is never as varied as today, in terms of types and development of structures capable of responding to the different needs of each individual. Alongside traditional houses, the market also opens up to elements made in such a way as to be able to guarantee maximum dynamism and respond to the needs related to temporary uses. In this case, it is possible to go beyond the more traditional building market to discover structures of a different nature, which do not require building permits or positioning on building land. This category includes mobile homes, modular structures capable of being moved and positioned even on agricultural land as they have no foundations and no stable arrangement. Mobile homes are ideal for those who want a long-lasting structure, but which can be moved according to work or life needs. It is a purchase that is made more and more frequently also for holidays, both by individuals who wish to combine comfort and privacy with the freedom of movement and by managers of tourist facilities who want to offer the best to their customers.

The materials

Mobile homes can be made of different materials, designed to give them maximum solidity and total efficiency to meet the different needs to which they are subject. Wood stands out among the most popular models, as it is a natural material that can be worked at low costs and, on the other hand, offers great resistance and lightness. The wooden mobile homes can be transported easily thanks to the presence of the wheels and the modular structure, able to be modified, if necessary, for road transport. Despite the needs related to dynamism and ease of movement, mobile homes can be equipped with even considerable dimensions and built on specific needs of the buyer; once placed on the ground, mobile homes guarantee solidity and stability even for a long time, thanks to the quality of the material used, be it wood, concrete or other, with all the safety of a real house and a completely anti-seismic structure. From an aesthetic point of view, mobile homes can have visible wheels even when stopped on the ground, or leave them hidden, giving life to structures similar to any traditional house.

Approved mobile homes

Mobile homes do not require building permits: they do not, in fact, have foundations and therefore can be placed for temporary even prolonged use on any type of agricultural land and on non-building land. Before positioning, however, it is important to inform yourself adequately about the legislation in force in the Municipality where you want to allocate the mobile home. The necessary certifications must be requested, at the time of purchase, from the manufacturer or reseller, to have the guarantee of seriousness and professionalism and not to run into any kind of problem at the time of positioning and use. Since they are designed to be able to travel by road, like caravans, mobile homes must meet precise standards of size and weight and must be approved:


In Italy, the spread of mobile homes is on the rise, as is the number of manufacturing companies. The variety that characterizes the offer is therefore constantly growing and this allows the buyer to easily find a solution in line with their needs and desires, both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view. If, in fact, the external claddings and details can be chosen from the different lines of the individual manufacturing companies, most of them also offer the possibility of customizing the structure so that the dimensions and layout of the internal rooms meet the main needs. of the buyer. The structures are modular and each module offers a minimum of 25sqm, to give life to a house that has nothing to envy to those buildings equipped with the necessary foundations. Changes and customizations will be agreed before delivery, in such a way as to allow them to be carried out during the construction phase: delivery times will still be very short, especially if compared with those of a traditional house. In a few weeks it will therefore be possible to have your mobile home delivered directly to the land you want to be the site of the first placement.

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