Mosquito repellent lamps

Lamps electrocute mosquitoes

The presence of insects is inevitable within a green space. However, when midges and mosquitoes are spread so massively as to compromise the use of the garden and worsen the quality of the time spent in it, it is possible to remedy it through the arrangement, in the most used space, of anti-mosquito lamps. The more traditional models consist of a lamp capable of attracting insects, attracted by the ultraviolet rays emitted, and a grid that guarantees maximum safety for humans and pets. Inside the grid there is a low voltage electric net, sufficient however to kill the mosquitoes that will come into contact with it. Some models are able to spread smells imperceptible to humans but with a strong power of attraction for mosquitoes, increasing the effectiveness of the device. TheMosquito repellent lamps can guarantee effectiveness for a relatively large area of ​​the garden and therefore favor the use of an outdoor lounge even in the evening, welcoming guests or spending time with their family in maximum comfort.

Lamps with adhesive strips

Alongside the traditional lamps capable of exterminating mosquitoes via electricity, there are also mosquito-repellent lamps on the marketwhich have some variations, such as the presence of adhesive strips that will catch mosquitoes. In this case the annoying buzzing characteristic of the moment in which the insects come into contact with the electric current will be eliminated and you will be able to have a lamp that needs slightly less energy to work correctly. As electric mosquito repellent lamps require periodic cleaning, even lamps with adhesive strips require some periodic intervention, to eliminate the strips already used and replace them with new ones. In general, mosquito-repellent lamps can have very varied characteristics and satisfy any need also from an aesthetic point of view; being designed for outdoor spaces they can work both connected to the electrical socket and powered by batteries, for more complete freedom regarding positioning. This type of lamp, electric or with adhesive strips, allows not only to get rid of mosquitoes, but also of other small annoying insects, in such a way as to make the area perfectly welcoming and a place in which to relax completely undisturbed.

Repellent bulbs

To make your garden welcoming even in the evening hours, it is not necessary to intervene with the arrangement of lamps that kill insects and require periodic cleaning: particular bulbs with a characteristic yellow color are increasingly widespread on the market, which emit a gradation of light such as to ward off mosquitoes rather than attract them. The operating principle is therefore opposite to that of traditional mosquito repellent lamps and the insects are not captured and killed, but simply removed, because they are naturally annoyed by the type of light emitted. The light bulb will therefore perform a dual function: that of mosquito repellent and that of illuminating the area to be exploited at night. It should be noted, however, that this type of bulb is ineffective against tiger mosquitoes: its diffusion, in fact, is greater especially during the day, when the use of the lamp would be useless due to the presence of sunlight. The efficacy, on the other hand, is proven as regards the evening hours; to protect particularly large spaces, it is possible to place several bulbs in opposite points of the garden, thus obtaining complete coverage.

Mosquito repellent lamps: Purchase and use

Buying a mosquito repellent lamp involves a low cost and considerable effectiveness. Such products are therefore very popular and can also be found in well-stocked shopping centers. The lamps, however, can have different aesthetics to better adapt to any type of environment, so for a greater possibility of choice it is advisable to contact centers dedicated to gardening and furnishing outdoor spaces. The number of lamps to buy and place in the garden will vary according to the shape and size of the space itself, so as to make it fully usable even in the evening. The lamps can be used during the night, like the light bulbs, but also during the day, as they are capable of attracting insects even with the presence of particular odors that are pleasant to mosquitoes. The lamps can be connected to electrical sockets or run on batteries, if connection is not possible. In this way, you will have complete freedom in terms of positioning, transforming useful elements into elements that also have a high decorative potential capable of enhancing the surrounding space.

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