Hobby what a passion

In a world that no longer leaves us a moment to breathe, in which we live to work, always running after commitments, appointments, schedules, no longer relaxing and no longer enjoying affections and real life, passions are really important. Lucky whoever has them, some would say; in fact, at such rates the passions are quick to vanish, both for lack of time and for lack of energy, of which we are increasingly lacking. But we must be strong, because passions, hobbies and pastimes can save us; in fact they often constitute the only positive thoughts of our day, because sometimes overwhelmed by work it occurs to us that we can’t wait to go home because … we have to finish mounting the carburetor on the old family car we are restoring … we have to graft the fruit plant of our garden so that next season he can make us taste some nice fruit … we must begin the portrait of our beloved wife to make her a romantic gift … we must continue to crochet a dress for our favorite granddaughter. As you can see the passions we can have are many, and each of them has the incredible ability and the important responsibility to provide for our mental health, how? By engaging body and mind, because this is the only way to forget negative thoughts, commitments and everything that stresses us.

Passion for gardening

One of the most loved hobbies is certainly gardening, the famous «green thumb» that more and more people discover they have; it is a relatively recent pastime, because objectively once people worked there in the fields and therefore certainly could not have as a hobby that of… still working in the fields! Then there was a period of removal from the fields and from working the land, considered too humble and too unprofitable, as well as extremely tiring; this thought was followed by action, that is the flight towards cities and industries. Today there is an almost inverse path: yes, we continue to live in the city and work in the industry, but when we return home we really need to get closer to nature, even simply by going to water the flowers on the balcony. Hence the hobby of gardening is born,

Garden equipment

Like any person who has a hobby or a passion, each of these passions involves an expense of time and also an economic expense; whether we are going to sew and embroider (threads, needles, fabrics, decorations), whether we love painting (brushes, colors, canvases, tables, pre-printed drawings) and whether we love to have fun with gardening, we need the right tools. Precisely for the case of gardening, the useful tools are the same as our grandparents, namely: spade, shovel, rake, hoe, wheelbarrow and bucket. With these few things you can grow strawberries, pines, flowers, succulents and anything else that comes from the earth. We must affirm that their cost is not at all high if parameterized with everything they allow us to do inside a garden, however it is still an expense;

Motor pumps

The motor pumps are semi-professional garden tools, useful in various situations; first of all they are powered by motors, because they require a certain power for their operation and this cannot but come from an engine. Since they are pumps, their operation can be aimed at moving liquids, sewage or air; in the first case we speak classically of water, and their basic use is to take water from an underground well and bring it to the surface with the right pressure to be used. Instead, by sewage we mean the mixture of water and earth that often needs to be treated, moved or otherwise within a garden. In the case of air, the motor pump can be very useful for moving large quantities of air at a certain speed, both for cleaning reasons (moving for ventilation of leaf residues and the like) and for other processes or special needs. The models available on the market are those with an electric motor or an internal combustion engine; the former are more modern and silent, but the latter offer more power and constructive simplicity, therefore also a lower price.

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