Garden to take care of

The home garden brings many benefits to those who live it and also to the place it is associated with; First of all, it works as a perfect stress reliever for people who live it every day, given that inside it you can carry out many recreational and distracting activities such as gardening, some sports and even other hobbies that require the outdoors such as restorations and the like. But not only that, the garden is a piece of nature all for us, where we can relax and enjoy the wonders of a nature that is there only for us, silent and cared for according to our tastes … nothing better to forget the bad situations that daily stress makes us live! As for the house, it is clear that putting a garden next to it greatly increases its economic value and also its aesthetic value; many people choose to equip themselves with it just to experience greater satisfaction in admiring a house that is complete in everything. However, to fulfill all these important tasks, the garden needs to be at its best, that is, to be cared for with constancy and precision; let’s put it this way, it is the small price to pay in order to have so much benefit. However, we must not be scared, because a pinch of perseverance and good will is enough for the chores in the garden to become a pleasant meeting with nature.

Gardening tools

If we don’t know exactly where to put our hands in a garden, it would be good to start knowing at least what tools of the trade are that can help us in our jobs. Starting from the historical basis of gardening (and of working in the fields), we see that the basic tools for these activities are: the shovel, the hoe, the wheelbarrow, the spade, the rake and the broom stick. These few tools are exactly what our grandparents used when they helped their parents and uncles in the fields in their youth; and since then everything has remained exactly the same, with those basic equipment that are still perfect today for everything to be done in a garden. However, we have entered the third millennium, in a highly electronic and mechanized society, could it therefore never happen that technology did not intervene on this too? Obviously not, but the main reasons were above all of an economic nature, with the agricultural industry that was quickly overtaken by the others and had to equip itself with certain tools to increase productivity and competitiveness on the market, reducing processing times and necessary manpower.

Motor pumps

One of the first and most versatile mechanized tools introduced on the market were the motor pumps; they, together with the lawn mower, are the gardening tools that make life easier for those who want to approach this world out of passion, looking for entertainment and not excessive fatigue. After all, the motor pump is nothing more than an internal combustion or electric motor connected to a pump, which acts as a user for the energy produced by the motor itself; then, the uses that are made with the energy of the pump can be the most varied, and in the best products on the market, by replacing a few small terminal pieces, you can quickly switch from one use to another. For example, with the blowing pump, a mass of dry leaves could accumulate in a corner in a short time and quickly introduce it into the basket; in the aspirating function the same could be done but by directly aspirating the residues. On the other hand, if equipped with the aquatic function, the pump can push water or other liquids into pipes that often end with watering nozzles. These are just some of the applications of this mechanized instrument which, through an impeller and suitably shaped ducts, is able to convert the energy of the motor into energy to be given to the air and / or water in the form of speed or other.

Models and prices

We have already mentioned how pumps can be built in such a way as to adapt to various uses; one above all is to push air and liquids as in previous examples, but it is not the sun. It goes without saying that models capable of offering such versatility have a higher purchase cost than the industry average, given the greater technology present and the more accurate and complex design and construction required. Well, alongside this feature, there is also the one that varies the model based on the power supply of the engine. In fact, what sets the pump in motion can be either an internal combustion engine or an electric motor; in the first case the result is similar to chainsaws or electric generators, that is constant power and long life and reliability in the face of a certain noise which in some situations can annoy. When we are faced with an electric motor instead, we can be sure that its will be a very silent and very regular operation, but often we find ourselves with an autonomy limited by the resistance of the batteries and also with the task of having to recharge them otherwise you can continue the work, which instead of the internal combustion engine, recharged with mixture, can continue without problems.

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