Names of purple flowers

Names of purple flowers

In nature there are about thirty known species of purple-flowered plants, which have always fascinated hikers, since the majority of these flowers are found in the mountains, and therefore in the wild, and can be harmless (such as gentian, which is a protected species) or extremely lethal, to the point that they are avoided even by animals (this is the case of the aconite, beautiful but deadly), but also by flower growers and nurserymen.

However, with the exception of the most well-known species, these experts do not always know all the names of purple flowers, therefore, if you are looking for the name of a particular flower for the bouquet, because it intrigued you, or why you would like to give the name of that flower to your unborn child, in this article we will show you all the names of the most common purple flowers , but also the most particular ones.To help you better in your search, we have divided these flowers between garden plants, so that they can be grown without problems or risks (both for people and for animals), and plants that are found in nature or exotic, and therefore can be found in the wild.

Purple garden flowers

Let’s start our journey into the world of purple flowers, listing some of the most well-known names of purple flowers that can be found in our gardens or on our balconies.The best known flower, and which already carries its main characteristic in its name, is the pansy (or simply viola). Purple daisies, or “Blue splendor”, are another well-known variety, which is grown in the garden but can also be found in nature, especially in spring and summer.

The other names of garden flowers are columbine (attention, this plant if ingested, can be harmful, so keep it away from children and animals), the Violet Queen, lavender, sage nemorosa, nemophila maculata (excellent for hanging vases), the bellflower, the “queen Charlotte” violet odorata.

Purple mountain flowers

The mountain hides many secrets, including several species of purple flowers.In this case, however, unlike garden flowers or those usually found on our balconies, more attention must be paid, since species such as gentian, although harmless, they are protected, and therefore collection is prohibited.Instead, aconite, while beautiful, is highly toxic, so ingestion can be fatal.

Other names of purple flowers found in the mountains: bellflower, trinity herb, greater lungwort, sylvan scilla, germanic gentian, bugula, minor periwinkle, silene dioica, carnicine heather, meadow sage (medicinal herb, so it was once used as a medicine ), mirror of Venus, buddleia, vulgar geranium, red sorrel (attention, despite its name, the flowers are a deep purple color).

Exotic purple flowers

After the garden flowers and those found in nature, in this last section we will take a look at the names of exotic purple flowers, therefore that are not found here, but can be in warmer places and even far from our latitudes. Passiflora (or passion flower. From this flower derive the fruits of the passions, which are also very appreciated by us), purple orchid, brevipes, surinamensis, capense, procera, gigantea, javanica, floribunda, linearis (this plant is still used in herbal medicine, as it treats coughs and acts as a stimulant against heart disease), fairchildiana, callistegioides, scandens (or “monastery bell”.

Named for its characteristic shape, which recalls that of a large bell), grandiflora (not to be confused with the violet Allamanda), longa (or “Indian saffron”, so called because turmeric is obtained from it, which is widely used in Indian cuisine).

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