Nursery plants

Presence of annual plants in plant nurseries.

The peculiarity of some plants lies in the fact that they manage to bloom or complete their life cycle within a whole year which allows you to enjoy the presence of a plant for a fairly long period of time. For this reason, the presence of plants that have these annual life cycles in nurseries is quite high. Our balconies are now more and more often adorned with splendid annual plants, even if they sometimes go unnoticed because they are used to their constant presence. For example, geraniums are among the most popular and demanded plants on the market. They are annual plants capable of adorning our balconies, managing to contrast the harshest winter months. Very well known among the annual plants is the Surfinia, a Japanese plant that is found in nurseries very easily because,

Plant nurseries and their assortment.

Nurseries are companies specialized in the reproduction and sale of plants that are intended for commercial use. The offer of the nurseries is varied, in fact it is possible to find both useful fruit plants and plants for ornamental purposes. Particularly the nurseries that offer ornamental plants, have greenhouses capable not only of preserving plants with an annual cycle, but also plants that bloom at certain times of the year. The “perennial” plants turn the last phase of their life cycle to sowing, and to increase productivity, they are grown inside greenhouses. There are plants that sow in early spring and end their life cycle in the winter months, and those that can be purchased in the fall and will end their life cycle in winter.

Annual plants in nurseries.

In nurseries, the presence of plants that have annual life cycles is quite high. Just think of how a simple annual flower, which has a long life like the daisy, over the years has become a symbol of the doubt that most afflicts us: the doubt of unrequited love. In the nurseries it is possible to find many species and many colors: from the small fuchsia leaf to the large and yellowish leaf. These are plants that can beautify any balcony and withstand even the coldest temperatures. The most successful nurseries always have plants that are highly sought after by the market. It is no coincidence that in history or in fairy tales there is the presence of plants that every day brighten our days with their colors and resist over time.

Plant nurseries: The Garden: guarded cultivation.

Plants, especially those with inflorescences, have always been considered as precious gems, in fact in ancient times there was always a tendency to enclose the gardens in order to guard and preserve the interior. Even now we tend to preserve the beauty of the flowers, in fact in the nurseries it is possible to notice how every single plant is not only well cared for, but placed inside the building so that it attracts the attention of the buyer. The gardens are always well fenced, therefore made safe and generally located in very open spaces. There are considerable differences between the garden cultivated in the open or inside greenhouses. Generally the open-air garden is subject to seasonal weather, has longer production times, but it has a very natural flowering.

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