Nuts collection

What are walnuts

With the word walnut, we indicate the fruit of the walnut tree, enclosed in a hard shell, which once broken, reveals a fruit with a particular shape. In botany it is a dry fruit with a seed contained in a woody pericarp. The fruit has a very ancient history, it seems that it comes from Asia and was introduced in Italy by the Greeks. It is a very coveted plant, especially for its wood which is very valuable. It has very large leaves from which a green flower is born which in spring will turn into fruit. These fruits are born oval in shape and are enclosed by a compact green shell which, when ripe, tears, making the nut fruit as we know it come out.

How to grow the walnut tree

It is nice to be able to serve our nuts, those grown in our countryside, during the Christmas dinner. But how to grow the walnut tree? There are two possibilities for our cultivation: planting a walnut with all the husk, but it requires long waiting times, otherwise let’s go to a nurseryman and ask for a seedling ready for sowing. Between March and April we have to bury it in our portion of the garden. In this way we take advantage of the rising temperatures and spring rains. in choosing the position we remember that it is a tree, big, so we choose a space that gives it the opportunity to grow. We must remember that the plant needs a lot of water, so I do not much suffer in the summer heat. After a couple of years we can enjoy the first fruits.

Collect the nuts

One plant is capable of producing 50-70 kg of fruit. Collecting walnuts is an autumn activity, it runs from September to the end of October. To be able to taste a good fruit, you have to wait for the ripening, so that the husk breaks, making the fruit come out. You should wait for the fruit to fall to pick it up, but to have it cleaner, you need to wait for the husk to open as much as possible and pick the fruit. The first rains indicate that the time has come for harvesting, especially after dry summers. Wear resistant gloves when picking the nuts, the husk dyes your hands. When we collect walnuts that have fallen naturally from the tree, we have to pay attention to the holes, they could hide a guest!

Nuts collection: Storing nuts and use

Before consuming them, walnuts must be treated. After harvesting, they must be freed from the residues of the husk and left to dry in the sun. It’s okay to wash them under running water, but don’t let them soak for too long, the goal is to remove the moisture from the fruit. If we expose them to the sun in boxes, they must be left for about a month, placing them at home in the evening, to keep them away from humidity. Many American studies have shown that walnut, if consumed regularly, has beneficial properties against heart disease. Decreases LDL cholesterol values. The presence of arginine stimulates the production of nitric oxide which makes blood vessels elastic. There is also the possibility of decreasing the occurrence of breast tumors.

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