Oak leaf

How to recognize oak leaf

By observing the tips of the lobes it is possible to recognize the oak leaf. The white oak has rounded lobes, while the red one is pointed. The lobes of the oak leaf are the sections that start from the center of the stem and reach the sides. Most species have multiple lobes.The white oak leaf has indentations that alternate between low and deep. The oak leaves of the evergreen species do not change color during the autumn but in the summer the green is much more intense, while the red one becomes bright and has a uniform indentation. Plus the oak leafevergreen is much smaller in size than the white and red ones which are quite wide. Small curiosity: the first species of oak appeared on earth about 3 million years ago.

Let’s learn about some varieties of oak leaves. The first that we analyze is the scarlet oak which shows a glossy green color and with the visible sections and in autumn it becomes scarlet. The oak leafof English oak is curved and the lower part tends to blue / green, in autumn it is tinged with golden brown. Another variety is the marsh oak which has the characteristic of being curved and olive colored, they are the first leaves that sprout after winter.The Mongolian oak leaf is oval, while the serrated edge. They are very common and glow red in the fall. Recognizing gravel oak leaf is rather difficult because it resembles laurel. They are very long and green in color. In autumn they turn yellow. Finally, the turner oak which has a hairy stem and does not change color in autumn.

The oak: a large tree

Oak is a large tree that is used for its sturdy timber. It takes about 100 years to have a solid and broad trunk. But the man-nature bond is getting closer and closer and we tend to safeguard these trees full of history by preferring others that grow rapidly. The oak, thanks to its appearance, is mainly used to embellish parks and gardens or are found on the sides of long avenues of access to historic villas. The shape and color of the leaves create a truly suggestive atmosphere, and the design made by the branches has inspired many writers and poets. Moreover, thanks to its majesty, shaded areas are created that shelter from the wind. Oak trees are often found near schools to allow children to play and breathe fresh air.

Oak leaf: Type of oak leaf salad

Have you ever eaten a nice oak leaf salad? You don’t have to go to the woods to collect the leaves from the branches because the oak leaf is a type of lettuce grown in Campania. The tufts are green and with long leaves that resemble those of the oak. The calorie content is close to zero and the oak leaf is used above all to prepare fresh and delicious aperitifs. Very rich in vitamins and minerals, it is a concentrate of health with purifying properties. The taste is sweet and the leaves are very crunchy. The oak leaf is grown following biological procedures that do not involve the use of pesticides. The oak leaves, being very large, are used to garnish forest-inspired dishes based on mushrooms, meats and cheeses.

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