Olive tree pruning period

Olive tree pruning period

Before asking what is the best period for pruning an olive tree, it is important to remember that it is an evergreen tree, capable of reaching large sizes. The history and nature of the plant must therefore be taken into account.

It is not, as for the vine, an obligatory operation, but it allows the tree to develop in the forms and ways most suited to its maximum enhancement.

The frequency with which to carry it out is a choice that must also be made based on the spaces available and your needs.

The recommended period for olive tree pruning is, in any case, the one that precedes the first phase of fruiting, between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, a period in which no return of frost is expected.

In fact, olive trees are plants with a good ability to adapt, but suffer in particularly harsh climatic conditions.

Frequency olive tree pruning

The arrival of spring brings with it numerous needs and, in the presence of a climate that respects the natural succession of the seasons, March can be considered the limit period for an olive tree pruning in line with its annual life. We are talking about what is called dry pruning and which every year allows the trees, if properly cared for, to give the maximum of their fruits.

There are several factors that may make olive tree pruning interventions necessary beyond the recommended period, such as soil fertility, but most professionals still consider it appropriate to carry out these interventions every other year, exactly in the year preceding that. in which it is assumed that the plant, subject to the phenomenon of alternation, does not produce fruit.

Olive tree pruning techniques

The olive tree pruning interventions, in the indicated period, are aimed at eliminating dry, broken, or diseased branches, to favor the development of fruiting branches and maintain a balance between wood and leaves.

The diameter of the branch helps us to understand which is the right tool to use: up to 2-3 mm the shears are recommended, above 3 mm the hacksaw is preferable.

For branches that are too high, the pruner is used instead.

All tools must be sharpened to the best to allow a clean and burr-free cut, always proceeding from top to bottom, from the largest to the smallest cuts.

In the period of olive tree pruning it is important to adapt the vigor of the cuts to the age of the tree, working more lightly with younger plants.

Olive tree pruning benefits

The actions of thinning the foliage, carried out thanks to pruning, favor the circulation of air and the passage of light through the crown itself.

This is how they ensure greater health for the plant and prepare it for better fruiting.

Although the recommended period for olive pruning is the arrival of spring with frequency of alternating years, it is possible to carry out these operations annually through extraordinary pruning.

Knowing the best period for olive tree pruning may not be enough, they are needed if you want to guarantee the plant productivity and health, professionalism and in-depth knowledge.

It is therefore good, in the absence of adequate tools and information, to rely on professionals, able to operate with the right pruning technique and to choose and use the best tools.

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