Olive tree pruning video

Olive tree pruning

Olive tree pruning must be done periodically, but not necessarily every year. The best months to do it are those of late winter or early spring, between the end of February and the beginning of April, before the olive tree begins to bear fruit. For the pruning of the olive tree we must take into account our needs and available spaces, and whether it is production plantations or decorative olive trees. ( First of all identify the young branches and the oldest branches, you will need to prune the old ones and keep the younger ones that are the most productive. It is good to cut the internal branches making sure that they do not obstruct the passage of light that must reach the whole plant. For a correct execution of the operation, follow the video pruning olive trees.

Olive tree pruning video. Reasons

The fruits of the olive tree are always born on the youngest branches, so in carrying out this operation we will have to take this detail into account. One-year-old branches are the most productive, older ones will give little or nothing. In the olive tree pruning video , it will be possible to understand the main objectives which are: – to contain the branching of the plant – to clean the olive tree from old, dry, non-productive or diseased branches – to improve the reception of sunlight to the whole plant – to maintain the constant plant production – prevent aging and encourage the production of new buds. Pruning should be done from late winter to early spring, before flowering, the period can be slightly postponed in the northern areas to avoid late frosts.

How to do olive tree pruning

Once the branches that are no longer productive have been identified, they will be eliminated by a clean cut, without smudging and damaging the bark, in order not to cause injury to the plant which would constitute an easy entry for bacteria and parasites. Therefore, use suitable and very sharp tools, such as scissors, trance, chainsaw … ( If necessary, use the putty to cover the cuts and facilitate healing. Olive tree pruning takes place, above all, in older plants, where sometimes not only some branches are removed, but entire branches that no longer produce or tire that same plant unnecessarily. While in younger plants the pruning can be done in alternate years.

Useful tips. Olive tree pruning video

The olive tree is made up of different types of branches, some useful for production purposes, while others are just parasites, which absorb energy from the plant and must be promptly eliminated (, they are called suckers, and grow vertically near the trunk, straining the plant. The sucker can be folded back on itself, placing it under another branch, with this arrangement, in most cases, it will turn into a good branch. The suckers are those new branches, which grow at the base of the trunk, being the olive tree a basitone plant, it has a tendency to form a bush, so they must be eliminated. The fruiting branches have floral buds along the branch itself but not at the tip, as described in the olive tree pruning video.

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