Olive tree pruning video

How the olive tree develops

It is important to know how the olive tree will develop. This tree is of the basitone type, because its shoots are located near the stem. Its fruits are therefore found in the internal part. If the olive tree is not pruned, however, it tends to become bushy. The olive tree comes from Asia Minor and then developed throughout Europe, especially in Crete and Mycenae (Greece). Currently, it is cultivated in the temperate-warm regions, in the areas bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Furthermore, the olive tree is also cultivated in America and Australia. The olive tree has to face numerous difficulties such as bad weather and cold. But above all, it must be preserved by a very insidious and harmful insect, the oil fly.

How to grow the olive tree

Taking a walk in our countryside we realize how the olive trees look like. They are large and very large, since being a typically Mediterranean tree, it needs light and air. Often the olive tree can also be grown in the form of a bush, or in pots or as a monocone. If our olive tree is in the form of a bush, then it does not need pruning for at least 10 years.We need to cut some branches, to create a rounded shape. If the olive tree, on the other hand, is potted, it takes on the most disparate forms. This form of culture is the most used. If, again, the olive tree is monocone, the plant assumes a single conical shape and the branches are more or less 50 cm apart. The pot culture form can integrate the bushy one: the

When to prune the olive tree and how

The pruning of the olive tree takes place when it is assumed that there is no harvest of its fruits. So every other year, it is necessary to prune the olive tree after harvest and during the winter, from October to January. Or, for climatic reasons, for bad weather or because of cold and harmful actions by insects, you can act with the pruning of the olive tree even in March. Pruning requires a lot of experience and knowledge of various techniques. The choice between manual or technological tools is up to you, it depends on the size of your farm. However, keep in mind that the cost of pruning the olive tree is very expensive. Let’s see in detail what tools we will have to use to make the pruning of the olive tree effective and well done,

Olive tree pruning video: Video of olive tree pruning

To carry out the pruning of the olive tree, various tools are needed, including shears, a ladder and a pruner to remove too high branches. Shears and scissors, on the other hand, are used in the case of thin branches. Don’t forget the hacksaw, useful for cutting branches with thicker diameters. Pruning begins when the old or damaged parts of the olive tree are eliminated. The cut made must be clean, close to the trunk. Furthermore, a quantity of mastic must be put in the wounds of the plant, such as to heal and drive away annoying insects. The suckers, branches that tend to rise and damage the foliage of the plant, must be pruned. Then, all the dry or poorly fed branches are pruned, as they are devoid of light and air. The last operation consists in the thinning of the

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