Ombrelloni da esterno


To create a welcoming garden lounge, large fixed and expensive structures are not necessary to guarantee shade and shelter: even in the presence of external open spaces without particular coverings, it is possible to create a welcoming and hospitable environment with low costs, thanks to the support. of outdoor umbrellas. Outdoor umbrellas allow you to quickly and easily create shaded areas in which to relax and rest, protected from direct sunlight in the hottest seasons or from any rains. The umbrellas can be positioned within spaces with the most diverse characteristics, thanks to the infinite variety of sizes and structures on the market. In fact, umbrellas can have a classic structure, with central support and single arm, or with double arm, to create two closely spaced shadow areas, creating a minimum bulk. To optimize space, it is also possible to opt for outdoor umbrellas with an external structure with a cone of shade, so as to be able to fully exploit the sheltered space. The variants, therefore, are not limited to aesthetic issues: the purchase must also be evaluated on the basis of one’s needs and technical characteristics, to make the most of both the umbrella and the surrounding space.

The materials

Outdoor umbrellas can constitute not only a structural element, but also a decorative one, able to enhance the entire surrounding space, thanks to the variety of materials and types available on the market. The outdoor umbrellas can be made of different materials, with their own structural characteristics but also different character: for gardens with a rustic look and for not very evident insertions, it is possible to opt for wooden umbrellas, with a natural appearance and able to fit harmoniously within any space. More essential and with a more modern line are the aluminum umbrellas, which are well suited to spaces with a more modern flavor. For small and easy-to-carry umbrellas, you can opt for plastic, which is strong but light. Likewise, the material used for the cover is also available in infinite variations, which can also significantly affect the price of the umbrella depending on the type of fabric. The cover has a particular influence from an aesthetic point of view, and can be chosen in different colors and patterns, as well as replaced, over time, without having to purchase an entire structure from scratch.


Outdoor umbrellas are the ideal solution for all those who wish to create a shaded and sheltered area within their green space, to create practical and comfortable garden lounges that can be used as long as possible. For this reason, the positioning of the outdoor umbrella must be carefully evaluated, in particular as regards the large structures with stable characteristics, which would require effort and effort to be moved. If, on the other hand, you want to opt for smaller and easier to move umbrellas, the positioning can also vary from time to time depending on the precise needs of the buyer, for a garden that is always functional. In any case, since these are structures that must offer coverage and maximum stability, it is advisable to make sure that the support surface is adequate and that the umbrella is properly welded to the ground, which must not be too soft or have an excessive slope. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the ground conditions are in line with the needs of the type of structure chosen, and to be adequately informed about the methods of anchoring to the ground, which can vary from umbrella to umbrella based on the characteristics of the model.

Purchase of outdoor umbrellas

As seen, outdoor umbrellas can become highly decorative elements, but first of all they offer great potential from the point of view of utility and efficiency: it is important to be able to identify the model and structure that not only meet the taste of one’s own garden, but which also adequately respond to the needs and spaces available. For this reason, especially if you are looking for large umbrellas, it is good to have a more or less clear idea of ​​the future layout and dimensions of the garden lounge to be recreated within the protected space before purchasing. For complex structures, fixed and anchored to the ground, it is possible to take advantage of the delivery and positioning services usually offered by the point of sale, which will make specialized workers available.

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