Orchid meaning

The origins of the orchid

The first evidence of the presence of the orchid flower dates back to 700 BC in China and Japan and later in Greece, cited by doctors and botanists in their treatises for its aphrodisiac and magical power. This belief persisted throughout the Middle Ages, when the orchid was widely used to create love elixirs or deadly potions during black magic rites, albeit as a marginal ingredient. Due to its exotic origin, this flower was greatly appreciated in the noble salons of Victorian England, where for the first time it was possible to create a flowering in climatic conditions different from the usual ones, generally tropical or subtropical. In a short time it became an elitist flower, a symbol of nobility, refinement and wealth, today spread all over the world.

The spread and structure of the orchid

The orchid is a flower native to South America and some areas of Asia, where a basically tropical climate prevails, even if today it is widespread in every part of the world and, with the necessary care and precautions, it can grow even in climates more temperate and fresh. The species are very numerous and differ in size and color, blooming in all shades of purple and varying from blue to dark red, from pink to wisteria, from cream to white. This elegant flower has a winged structure, made up of six petals, lower and upper. It is also possible to grow the orchid on a common balcony, paying attention to expose the plant to abundant sunlight and avoiding watering it very frequently, as it is a plant that does not need too much water.

The meaning of the orchid flower

The meaning of the orchid flower varies in Eastern and Western cultures: in the first, where we find the oldest evidence of the presence and use of the flower, the orchid is chosen as a universal symbol of children’s purity, while in the second it represents the various shades of love, especially the all-encompassing, passionate and lasting one. It is a flower which for centuries has been attributed an aphrodisiac value and is still used today in the courtship and seduction phase. Unlike other typically female species, moreover, the orchid, especially in the black or brown-purple variant, can also be given to a man to celebrate economic and professional success, as a symbol of vigor and physical and moral power.

Orchid meaning: Other meanings of the orchid flower

In the more muted colors the orchid symbolizes filial affection, friendship and senile love. The pink variant is ideal for celebrating the fourteenth wedding anniversary, for the 28th it is preferable to opt for shades tending to cream and yellow, while for Mother’s Day the best choice is the Cattleya orchid, a symbol of advancing age. This refined flower is also currently chosen by many people for weddings, baptisms, communions, births and birthdays, to congratulate, celebrate an achievement or as a symbol of good wishes. Finally, the orchid is widely present in domestic compositions, for the wide range of colors to choose from and for its refinement and elegance, which allows you to create a sober and refined decoration.

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