Orchidea vaniglia

Main characteristics of the vanilla orchid

The vanilla orchid flowers are green-yellow in color and about 2 cm long. These last only a day and must be manually pollinated to reproduce. The vanilla flower is, in fact, incapable of self-pollination without the intervention of an external agent: if pollination does not occur, the flower falls from the vine the next day. The fruits (pods) are no more than 10 mm large and are only referred to as vanilla pods. Vanilla plants only begin to bear fruit when the plant is ripe, i.e. when it reaches an approximate height of 3 meters. The fruits are long pods that reach maturity after about 5 months and, only then, are they collected and processed. The vanilla extract is obtained from this portion of the plant.

How to grow Vanilla at home

The vanilla orchid plant requires specific care and every prescription must be met exactly in order for the vine to produce its fruit. The best orchid growers know that the first step in getting a healthy plant is to plant it correctly. The pot must have drainage holes and must be partially filled with spruce bark and orchid soil. One third of the lower roots are cut with a sterilized knife and the vanilla plant is placed in the previously prepared container. At this point it is necessary to place a support next to the seedling so that the vine can climb correctly. If the ambient and soil humidity are kept constant, the vanilla orchid will thrive.

Vanilla: a flower with many virtues

The vanilla orchid is mainly composed of water (about 52%) and the remainder is made up of carbohydrates, sugars, proteins and ashes. Furthermore, Vanilla is rich in minerals and, in a small part, also has several B vitamins. Numerous studies carried out on Vanilla planifolia have established that this plant, in addition to being a powerful natural antiseptic, also has excellent calming and antidepressants. The essential oil extracted from Vanilla, in fact, is a good remedy to calm anxiety and promote a better quality of sleep, especially in children. Vanillin (the main molecule of Vanilla) is a polyphenol with excellent antioxidant properties and, from some important researches, a remarkable activity has been found in contrasting the growth of some neoplasms.

Vanilla Orchid: Vanilla makes everything sweeter, especially in the kitchen!

The black vanilla pod from Madagascar is undoubtedly the best known and marketed one: just think that, compared to the other varieties (“Mexican” and “Tahiti”), Madagascar vanilla represents 75% of the world market The Madagascar pod is long, black, thin, wrinkled and contains thousands of tiny black seeds, which are used to flavor different types of dishes, especially ice cream and desserts. The seeds can be added as a flavoring directly in dishes but it is also It is possible to use the whole pod: in boiling milk, for example, an excellent vanilla flavor is immediately released. If the pod is dried in the sun for a couple of days, however,

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