Organic fertilizers

What are

When a plant species is cultivated, it is necessary that the culture medium has all those chemical-physical characteristics suitable for hosting it. First of all, one of the fundamental aspects is the presence of specific nutrients in the soil where the species will be planted and cultivated. This question turns out to be fundamental because it is from them that the plant is able to draw the nourishment for development. Thus, soil fertilization turns out to be the basic technique in the context of the cultivation operation. This phase involves the use of particular organic fertilizers. They are nothing more than organic substances, used for the soil fertilization treatment and suitable for providing the right nourishment to the plant that is grown on it.

Immediate and slow release fertilizers

As mentioned before, organic fertilizers are mainly organic products that provide the growing substrate with the nutrients necessary for the development and sustenance of the plant species. Depending on the needs and methods of fertilization, the first major distinction that must be made is between immediate release organic fertilizers and slow release organic fertilizers. In the first case, the action of the fertilizer is instantaneous while in the second type the effect is prolonged over time. Furthermore, in the group of slow release fertilizers, it is necessary to distinguish those with slow release and controlled release. Depending on the composition, the former can be both natural and chemical. On the contrary, those with controlled release have a purely chemical composition.

Main types

Normally, the organic fertilizers that are most used are those belonging to the category of slow release organic fertilizers. They are mainly represented by manure, manure, dried blood. In addition to these, other substances of animal origin are also used as slow release fertilizers. Among the slow release fertilizers, manure is the most used, because it is a complete fertilizer as it contains nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus. Also wanting to consider the more properly practical aspect, manure is an easily available compound. This is true for those who own farms, representing in this particular case a great economic saving. In addition, it is particularly recommended for growing potted plants.

Organic fertilizers: Advice on use

There is no fixed rule on the period, method and choice of fertilization products, as this operation is closely related to three fundamental factors: the plant species cultivated, the characteristics of the growing medium and the climate of the area in which the cultivate. In particular, these last two parameters can greatly affect the performance of the organic fertilizers used to fertilize. The most striking example concerns soils that are too humid and those that are too clayey, which can totally alter the action of these fertilizer products. In particular, there is an acceleration of the release level of nutrients by these fertilizers. Then,

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